The reason why these fellas were considered the MOST DANGEROUS RAP GROUP ALIVE… is because they possessed the POWER TO CHANGING THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE… IN EVERY SINGLE WAY… SHAPE… AND FORM… POSSIBLE. LIKE… 2 Pac… LIKE Biggie… LIKE… MICHAEL JACKSON… LIKE Lauren Hill… LIKE DMX!!! They were literally a threat to the Realities created by the Powers That May Be – the supposed Controllers of CONSCIOUSNESS – The True Slave Drivers of Our Times.
“When we move the masses through INSPIRATION and TRUTH… we essentially become the MOVERS AND SHAKERS of Our Times. Then, that is when LIFE truly and ultimately begins. Many settle with life… but very few truly and ultimately LIVE.” (Joel Ayala Ayapana)
“When we (as Humanity) are to begin to ultimately realize the Oneness that we truly possess together in Spirit, then shall we tear down the very walls of that illusion that had been created by the very few. Then, so shall the LIGHT Bringers reveal – from the beauty of their shine – what had been hidden so-long from amidst the shadows lurking behind the veil. The knowing of that Contrast… arising from that awakening awareness… is the KEY to the significance of Our Salvation.” (Joel Ayala Ayapana – Executive Producer & Founder of

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