What is the MIST?
Not only is the “MIST” mysterious, it is mystical, magical, and quite AMAZING!
Jaw Dropping!
The mist is the BEST way for me to describe and provide clarity in the receiving of messages, knowledges and wisdoms from higher spiritual realms.

Hold your left hand up in front of you with fingers spread wide apart. Now take a water bottle or spritzer aim towards your fingers and spray ONCE.
Notice how some of the MIST, lands on your fingers, while other parts of the MIST go between the fingers and disappear.

This is how messages from HIGHER REALMS are provided and received. The part of the mist that lands on the fingers becomes imprinted within your awareness, yet the MIST that disappears between your fingers is not imprinted and doesn’t stay in your awareness for very long. It will be forgotten within seconds or minutes of the message being provided to you. This is why it is good to write it down as it is unfolding, keeping a journal, or to speak as it is received.

The “MIST’, may be provided by receiving only ONE or two words. This is sometimes how it happens for my self. Once the message is received, my guides, spiritual team, HIGHER SELF, or Arch Angel assist in unfolding the message that goes along with the one word received.

However, the MIST comes in all methods or ways that are specifically meant for that particular individual’s SOUL blueprint for this lifetime.

As of right now, this is all I am being shown to discuss at this time about the MIST.
I am being shown to leave my contact information for those who may have questions or are interested in a CHANNELED READING or services provided by me. Thank you for your support and being here with me to read my blog, raise your vibrations & rise up into HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

-Nicole Anne, Goddess of the SOUL.
Facebook: Mystic Moon & Sunflowers

Om Shantih


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: “My name is Nicole Anne. I AM a Certified Teacher of Meditation, A Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Guide providing Channeled Messages to help others heal their internal environment to assist them in moving forward within their AWAKENING journey of the SOUL. My Spiritual Awakening began to unfold periodically throughout my life, starting in my 20’s. Within the first month of my Awakening I received the knowledge about the SOUL & its significance bestowed upon me. Weeks later, I received a message telling me that I AM a healer and here on earth in this lifetime to heal the SOUL’s of humanity, one SOUL at a time. In late 2015, I was fortunate to have a teacher step onto my path and then teach me everything I needed to know about the ego, in order to move forward in healing others.” (Nicole Anne, Goddess of the Soul)

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