The difficult part is expressing the message to others. I happen to know and understand how SACRED the messages are that come through. Although, Sacredness is not at the top of everyone else’s agenda, it is at the top of mine. There are many who do not understand or have the awareness or capacity to understand the ACTUAL connection and communication received through the HIGHER realms with benevolent beings and/or energies.

Did I always have these gifts? Yes, I probably have.  Was I aware of these gifts and abilities I possess? No, I wasn’t. It is my Spiritual Awakening that caused me to turn inward for my TOOLS and abilities to activate.  As I am writing this article… messages are coming through.

This is not something I have ever unfolded or discussed before in detail as I am doing here within this article. The messages I am receiving are showing me how to express this conversation into words. Knowledges that have never been shown to me before, in order to provide clarity for my audience to understand with ease and grace. 

In 2013, I heard my SOUL speak to me. My Awakening hadn’t even surfaced as of yet. I knew absolutely NOTHING about meditation. Never even heard of it before. Knew absolutely nothing about anything. Yet, I heard my SOUL speak to me. I didn’t think it was crazy. I never questioned. I only repeated.

“My SOUL is taking me on a journey, I have no idea where I am going, but it’s going to be AMAZING”.

In 2014, unknowingly, went into months of silence. A positive silence. And when I came out of it, it was like everything was brand new, my being was brand new. One thing that I noticed immediately; I had become hypersensitive to sound. EVERYTHING bothered me. Electronics, light, people, including LANGUAGE. I had a very low tolerance for everything external of me and only wanted to be inward where the peace and silence nestled me so prettyfully

I began listening to guided meditations, binaural frequencies while I was sleeping when I wasn’t sleeping, working with LIGHT, and my SOUL was guiding me to it all. Non-stop. Early in 2015, I was guided to the knowledges and wisdoms of how significant the SOUL actually is, and it was in that moment, I declared my SOUL a priority and dedicated my SELF to my SOUL for eternity. It was in these moments my SOUL activated and merged.

I began to feel a fire BURNING from my Solar Plexus Chakra, as well as very intense vibrations rising upward. I could hear my heart resonating sound of my heart without any effort. These lasted for many years. In the later months of 2015, my Crown chakra began vibrating, tingling, and fire working. At this time, a teacher had stepped onto my path who was very empathic and all he kept saying to me was, “You are very POWERFUL”. I had no clue what he was talking about.

Shortly after, the gift and ability of automatic writing began to unfold. I was creating and writing posts on Facebook that held very powerful messages. It wasn’t until another person who like or share that same day, I would get the notification and look at what I had wrote. I remember I would say to my Self, “I wrote that? How did that come out? Where did it come from?”

Other times, in a blink of an eye I would be talking to someone and then be put into a trance state within another realm. It seemed like I would be under for a long time. I could see my surroundings of where I was physically, yet, I was in a warpy foggy bubble in another dimension. And when I came out, everything was normal except I would have a message for the person who was with me. Expressing the message would make me cry and feel very emotional. I remember it vividly. I knew that I was experiencing other dimensions and communication with benevolent entities and energies.

On Monday, I awoke at 4 a.m., went to the kitchen to make coffee and as I was heading back to my room to pack, a demon growled at me through the baby monitor. I immediately knew that I was being warned not to come back. Not to take her up on the offer to be her roommate. I was also aware that the reason the warning came was because this demon was draining my friend and it knew if I had come back, I would’ve snuffed it out.

At this time in my life and on my path, my LIGHT was very very intense and very bright. This demon was very afraid of me. Never once did I question, doubt, or disbelieve what I actually heard. I never even gave a thought to how what or why. Not once did I shake my head and or even think about my gifts or abilities. Even though it was my very first experience ever hearing a demon (or lower vibrational entity), it phased me none that I actually heard it. I was more phased by what it was I heard.

It wasn’t until I had the same demon growl at me again months later when I had hung up the phone after a phone with my best friend. It was then that I sought out a medium to find out what this demon had to do with revealing itself to me. While you may be thinking, “what does all of this have to do with your journey being so significant?” I’m getting to that right now.

The Spiritual gifts and abilities that I have aren’t just for me. They aren’t for me to use selfishly or to use to take advantage of others or experiences. They are for me to complete my SOUL purpose and mission. To guide and assist the SOUL’s of humanity within their own awakening.

They are for me to know, understand, acknowledge, and be reverent of the Spiritual realms and dimensions. I never feel “ALONE”.  I use to. I don’t anymore. I feel and I AM aware of my connection. I am aware of the communication I receive with my Spiritual team, guides, angels, and Ascended Masters. I have known for many years that my guardian angel is Arch Angel Uriel.

My personal Ascended Master is St. Germain. And most importantly… My SOUL is my MASTER! I follow lovingly, obediently, and with wisdom. My SOUL guides me to all things meant for me. It once told me, “I am taking you on a journey, you have no idea where you’re going, but its going to be AMAZING”.

My SOUL Purpose & Mission in this lifetime is to heal the SOUL’S of humanity working through their personal inner-verse and raising their vibrations to access new levels of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS – to grow and evolve. This blog will go hand in hand with my podcast, “Love Letters For the MAGICAL SOUL”, with Real Revolution Radio X.O. on Binge Networks. -Nicole Anne, Goddess of the SOUL.WEBSITE: mysticmoonsunflowers.com
EMAIL: merkabahbreath@outlook.com
Facebook: Mystic Moon & Sunflowers

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: “My name is Nicole Anne. I AM a Certified Teacher of Meditation, A Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Guide providing Channeled Messages to help others heal their internal environment to assist them in moving forward within their AWAKENING journey of the SOUL. My Spiritual Awakening began to unfold periodically throughout my life, starting in my 20’s. Within the first month of my Awakening I received the knowledge about the SOUL & its significance bestowed upon me. Weeks later, I received a message telling me that I AM a healer and here on earth in this lifetime to heal the SOUL’s of humanity, one SOUL at a time. In late 2015, I was fortunate to have a teacher step onto my path and then teach me everything I needed to know about the ego, in order to move forward in healing others.” (Nicole Anne, Goddess of the Soul)

It has been nothing short or less than AMAZING.

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