“When one is able to control the entertainment, the literature, and even the popular media of a nation… then thus one can be able to lucratively control the M.I.N.D. – BUT quite similarly to the early embryonic stages of life… when what one organic thing, from within the process of birth, may seem to develop simply into another… that individual portion within the entirety of that miracle flips inside and out many times-on-fold. This is essentially the process of, not only Awakening, but more of the advanced understanding and in the experiential process of acknowledging the mystery schools of T.R.U.T.H. – Just when you think you know of TRUTH… let alone anything derived from your own TRUTHS… flip that awareness many-times-on-fold… INSIDE-AND-OUT… then there shall be the very answer… that you had been looking for… far beyond from what was expected.”

Joel Ayala Ayapana, Executive Producer & Founder of

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