“The problem or the current crisis lies within the illusion that we are not powerful. The common reaction lies from amongst the masses in where we buy into that propaganda. But when we look towards a solution… we think that it involves finding ways to fix the system when in fact the more that we feed and nourish this system by any amount or kind of energy (positive or negative) that we give to it… we further clip our wings in preventing us from launching further in evolution towards flight. Thus we must build our own way (free from debt, free from war, free from currency, free from the consciousness of separation) to where it is more sensible, lucrative, efficient, and believable. Otherwise reality becomes paradoxical and inconclusive – nonbeneficial to the people. And this is most certainly the case -The State of Mis-Union and Mis-Education- because we give life to that flame unconsciously. None-the-less we become powerless, filled with limitations and left alone unconscious – fully asleep from dire meaningful wakefulness and deplete of true reality. We must re-create our own Eden – The Golden Age of Voice… Community… and ALCHEMIC GOLD – The True Currency of Kings and Queens – You and I alike.”

(Joel Ayala Ayapana – Author of The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart, Founder and Executive Producer Awakening

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