WHAT IS THE SOUL by Nicole Anne

Om Shanti. My name is Nicole Anne.
I am a Certified Teacher of Meditation, a Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, & Coach, with esoteric psychic and spiritual gifts to guide and assist the SOULS of humanity within their AWAKENING.

Through the gifts bestowed upon me and activated are, the gift of CHANNELING, claircognizant, clairaudient, & clairsentient…reading and receiving information through energy, auras and higher benevolent realms. I provide Channeled Readings, Meditation Therapy, Meditation, Crystal Healing, & other services to my clients to guide and assist them to heal internally physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and psychically.
This blog will go hand in hand with my podcast, “Love Letters For the MAGICAL SOUL”, with Real Revolution Radio X.O. on Binge Networks.

My SOUL Purpose & Mission in this lifetime is to heal the SOUL’S of humanity working through their personal inner-verse and raising their vibrations to access new levels of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS – to grow and evolve.
-Nicole Anne, Goddess of the SOUL.

What is the SOUL?

SOUL is an extension of SOURCE conscious energy, manifested to experience the material realm/plane.

  1. Divine Energy created in the likeness of SOURCE, the Divine, CREATOR, GOD
  2. This means that we are extensions of Godhead Conscious energy – I AM!
  3. Source created these extensions to experience human life.  As each lifetime was lived, ego began to take control, separating and dividing us from SOURCE, creating karmas through experiences of being unforgiving, compassionless, and absent of wisdom to the Spiritual TRUTHS, which keeps us looped up in rebirth to resolve our karmas, learn lessons, to heal our triggers and purify our energies to come back to the realization that we are extensions of the Godhead. 
  4. The SOUL is DIVINE and cannot be broken, disrupted, a mess, or lost. 
  5. It is the ego that creates and holds you in an energy of broken, disrupted, messy, dark, or lost emotions, feelings, thoughts, and/or negative behavioral patterns and loops.  This energy becomes entangled within your chakras, with damaging affects to your aura.  The deeper the damage, the more work, healing, and time it takes for tears, rips, and/or holes in the aura to repair.
  6. It is your responsibility to heal and release – work through egoic energies that are keeping you stagnant, stuck, and/or blocked.
  7. If we are an extension of SOURCE energy through our SOUL – if nothing negative can affect SOURCE, the Divine, CREATOR, God, then nothing negative can affect us, unless we ALLOW ourselves to be affected – this consent, permission, and/or willingness to be affected can only be given by our own accord. 

What the SOUL is NOT!!!!!!!

  • Triggers are what cause us- as humans to become stuck within negative energies.
  • SOURCE doesn’t have triggers. Therefore, triggers are not associated with the SOUL.
  • The SOUL only knows, LOVE, COMPASSION, WISDOM.  Another extension manifested from SOURCE.

Anything other than these THREE, are manifestations of ego.  That would be all lower vibrational emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions.  Anger, Jealousy, Pride, Envy, Selfishness, Comparison of others, Fear, Rage, so on and so forth.  These are all manifestations of the personality. 

  • Personality is only associated with ego. 
  • Personality is the MASK that is created and manifested by the ego in order to be accepted and fit in with others.  This MASK puts the ego in control over you, rather than functioning through your SOUL.
  • When ego is in control, SOUL has no opportunity to come through and shine the way it is meant to.
  • Ego is harsh, controlling, manipulative, and has no finer qualities to speak of.
  • Ego is only supposed to be the DO’er. Nothing else, nothing more.  DO! GET IT DONE!

However, when the ego is in control, it will have negative, harsh, and manipulative things to say in response to you.  We, are not meant to be having any kind of discussion with ego.  Ego is not a conversationalist.  It will only kick the shit out of you day in and day out.

EXAMPLE of a conversation with your ego.

  • You: I made a mistake.
  • Ego: yea you’re a fuck up. Never changes.  Always making some kind of fucking mistake.
  • You: I’m not even sure why I said that to my boyfriend.
  • Ego: Because you’re a worthless piece of shit.  No good, undeserving of anything good. You’re UNLOVEABLE, just face it.
  • You: Maybe I should apologize so that we can be together again.
  • Ego: What? Are you crazy? He’s not going to take a piece of shit like you back into his life


  • Ego: You better apologize to him, he’s the only one who ever loved you. You’re so fucking worthless, if you lose him, no one will ever love you again.  Even if he did slap you across the face a couple of times and called you a fucking bitch – that’s better than no one ever loving you again. YOU NEED HIM!

What part of this conversation shows you the ego is a good conversationalist?

This is a conversation with a part of you, that’s not YOU.  Ego is not your SOUL, it is not the NEGATIVE side of your SOUL. There is no GOOD/EVIL to balance out the SOUL.  Ego is NOT a manifestation of SOURCE conscious energy. 

  • Ego is the SATAN
  • Ego is Dark
  • ego is UNTRUTH

There you go.  There’s your good/evil opposite.

There is no such thing as “positive” ego and a “negative” ego.  Ego is ego.  I call it a piece of shit.

Ego is not my friend. 

I tell it what to DO and it DOES IT!

There’s MORE!

The SOUL is MAGICAL! very very MAGICAL!

Find out more by tuning into my podcast with REAL REVOLUTIONS RADIO X.O., “Love Letters For the MAGICAL SOUL”, with Nicole Anne and CoHost: Amaru Meru, owner of Real Revolutions Radio, fellow Podcaster and blogger.

Thank you for your support and being here with me to read my blog, raise your vibrations & rise up into HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

For those who may have questions or are interested in a CHANNELED READING or services provided by me.

WEBSITE: http://mysticmoonsunflowers.com
EMAIL: merkabahbreath@outlook.com
Facebook: Mystic Moon & Sunflowers

Om Shantih


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: “My name is Nicole Anne. I AM a Certified Teacher of Meditation, A Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Guide providing Channeled Messages to help others heal their internal environment to assist them in moving forward within their AWAKENING journey of the SOUL. My Spiritual Awakening began to unfold periodically throughout my life, starting in my 20’s. Within the first month of my Awakening I received the knowledge about the SOUL & its significance bestowed upon me. Weeks later, I received a message telling me that I AM a healer and here on earth in this lifetime to heal the SOUL’s of humanity, one SOUL at a time. In late 2015, I was fortunate to have a teacher step onto my path and then teach me everything I needed to know about the ego, in order to move forward in healing others.” (Nicole Anne, Goddess of the Soul)

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