PROTOCOL by Teri Wade

I get many people telling me their stories of how they’ve seen a Being of Light of some sort in their rooms at night or other places and wondering how and why they were there. First of all, if you visually see them it’s because they are letting you see them. When they show themselves to you it’s because they are more than likely trying to introduce themselves to you – hopefully not to instill fear.


My FIRST direct contact with these 4 Pleiadian Light Beings was the “introduction phase” – I call it. I was above them -observing them- that’s it.

My SECOND contact was me standing in front of the 4 beings and there’s always one that does the communicating, who I believe to be female by just the feel. Remember, they have no faces nor eyes. They are just pure light. She told me telepathically that the being standing next to her, the tallest of the four was my guide and he is “who I would be dealing with from now on” – These were her exact words and I was to refer to him as ______. Please forgive me – I’m rather protective of his name. I don’t know why. Thus, we nodded at each other to confirm we were in agreement to this deal.


The taller one who is my guide was dressed in a green shirt. The one who does the communicating was dressed in a tan shirt definitely holographic ‘cause it wasn’t totally opaque with a triangle symbol on it. The other two were just light. When this meeting began, I remember thinking to myself, “How I thought the shade of green he wore was ugly.” This was before I was told the information about him. But I often kick myself in the ass… and I have been doing so for quite some time now.

My THIRD contact was the ship incident and I believe it was to monitor my health and to help me get off the oxycodone pain killers I was taking due to a horse accident from three weeks since. I was completely off them never to take another one again. The environment was completely medicinal. All 4 beings at this meeting were dressed in white lab attire, different from each other, but white lab wear. The room was circular with black shiny windows around the whole room about 4 feet off the ground. Again, I was in front of these four beings and I was told that it was time to go back. And like every other time, I woke up in my bed.


The FOURTH and my last direct contact was with these very same beings appearing to me in an instant, no clothing this time around but they were completely made of light. And the only thing she said during this episode was the following, “We are Pleiadian Light Beings” – then I instantaneously woke up. I believe during this interaction that this was the case because I’ve always been asking myself and in wondering who the hell these beings were from the previous past meetings. But I never once was afraid. Actually, it all felt very familiar.


As a side note, all 4 contacts happened in 4 consecutive nights in a row. I’ve also had many things happen to me via them either telepathically and physically. So many have told me they cannot physically alter you while awake. Bullshit! They’ve done it to me and it feels like an electrical current going thru your entire body and it physically and mentally changes you. That’s all I’ll say about that!

Some beings show themselves to you by lowering their vibration. When they lower their vibration they become more solid so it makes sense that you can see them. Many of our experiences are very similar to one another. It’s almost as if they have a protocol that they follow. The beings I meet find it very uncomfortable to lower their frequency so low that I can see them in my awake state; so I meet them in my sleep in an unconscious state where everything goes. This is our true reality. Your unconscious/sleep state is the bridge that connects us with those higher dimensional realms.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: “Like many of my Facebook friends I’ve had several direct communications/contacts with ET’s and the ones I’ve had contact with are the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians I’ve met possess no faces and are completely telepathic… Pure Light Energy! They are “Pleiadian Light Beings” not the proverbial Pleiadian blonde/brunette , blue/green eyed physical beings. There is always 4 of them – one of them is my guide and I’ll keep his name to myself. The contact and communication started out them introducing themselves to me and continued into pretty much business. They are very protective, very advanced, and stern. This particular race are so highly advanced they cannot lower their vibration low enough to meet me in our third dimensional physical plane it’s too heavy, to dense. Soooo, I meet them in my sleep state, in their reality, a higher frequency, a higher dimension, a higher state of consciousness that I can only attain in my sleep state. I know they know who we are better then we do because we forgot when we came into this 3D plane. I have an implant in my left upper thigh that I believe they monitor my health with, give me downloads of information through this implant and track me. They know what an incredibly hard mission it is to incarnate on Earth cause of it’s denseness, heaviness, very low frequency. Many of you whether you know it or not have Pleiadian guides you just don’t know it yet. When disclosure comes the whole world will know who the Pleiadian race is – no doubt about it.” (Teri Wade)

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