Where are you within the evolution of your SOUL?

Are you able to answer this question?

When was the last time you thought about your SOUL?

I think about mine EVERY DAY! Because that is what is meant for me in this lifetime.

Many in society see the world as “COMING at them. HAPPENING to them”. It is this perception of looking OUTWARDS, that creates and manifests out of control experiences and people into your reality. It is with this perception that humans in society feel that they have no control over their lives, daily experiences and the people they surround themselves with habitually.

As far as this article goes – I had a completely different agenda I was going to discuss and my guides laughed and shook their head at me and said, “Just get behind the keyboard and we will do everything else”.

So here I am – behind the keyboard allowing the channeling to take place rather than my ego taking control of what I thought I was going to write about.

Did you know? Are you aware? Your SOUL is imprinted with a blueprint for this lifetime.

Yes, you do have free will. ALWAYS!

However, there is something else that you may not be aware of….SOUL WILL!


SOUL WILL was shown to me by my guides back in 2014. It is much different than FREE WILL. FREE WILL is your decisions and actions of functioning through your ego. SOUL WILL are the decisions and actions of functioning through your SOUL.

Free will gets in the way of your SOUL will coming through for the best of you and those around you. Free will is the act of making decisions through choices of control, manipulation and/or being selfish. Not with the best or highest intentions.

My guides are showing me that discussing these two different “WILLS” go hand in hand with the unfolding of your SOUL’s blueprint. Free Will is going to put the unfolding off to the side and onto the back burner.

As the old adage goes, “Out of sight, out of mind”.

Ego DEFINITELY does not want you giving power to  your SOUL. Well, because that puts him out of a job.

I am going to use the pronoun “him” in association with the ego because it is linear masculine energy of logic and rationality. The feminine energy knows nothing about logic and rationality.

Back to the ego – Ego has put SOUL into the trunk of the car and is now in CHARGE & DRIVING! Buckle up! You may even want to put on a bullet proof vest or a LIFE preserver, because ego is going to create and cause a lot of accidents, crashes, turmoil, toxicity, tragedies and LIFE threatening situations for you.

Ego driving – SOUL in the trunk and amongst all of the environmental hub bub you cannot hear SOUL tapping within the trunk to get your attention. Ego is revv’ing the motor, stomping on the breaks, shouting at other drivers, cussing and swearing for others to get out of his way- WATCH OUT – HE’S COMING THROUGH! Ego will trample over anything and anyone to get from point A to point B no matter what it takes.

Meanwhile, SOUL is in the trunk. It’s vibrant colors radiating, smelling like jasmine and frankincense. Whispering very patiently and softly as it is tapping from the inside of the trunk, “hello, can you hear me?” AANNNNNDDDD, you cannot hear a peep that the SOUL is saying because ego is having a grand ol’ time being in control.

This is not SOUL’s evolution for you.

Ego cannot EVOLVE! Yes, the ego can “grow” bigger- MY OH MY can it get bigger. However, when this happens you’re only damning your SELF!

Have you ever tried meditation and you end up telling your Self and others – “meditation isn’t for me, my mind doesn’t allow me to sit still for long or I am too restless for meditation. It just doesn’t work”. HA! That’s your ego getting in the way of you meditating. So if your ego is already a hindrance to you TOUCHING your SOUL, can you imagine what kind of hindrance it would be if it GROWS BIGGER!

*Side Note* I went to college for a BA in Psychology. It was at this time that my Spiritual Awakening opened for me, with my guides telling me I wouldn’t take the “traditional” route of therapy, that I would be working a more “holistic and SOUL” therapy for society. As I got deeper into my studies and taking my “core” psychology courses, I read in my textbook how we are meant to “EXERCISE the ego”. I literally began to feel nauseas and felt an icky sensation come over me. I knew immediately that this teaching did not resonate with me. I knew that this material was a programming and condition that was unnecessary to the health and well-being of humanity. (Maslow knew this as well, I am sure).

Ego is ONLY the do’er.

If you’ve read any of my other articles then this will be repetitious for you. And that’s perfect. Why? Because TRUTH NEVER CHANGES! Untruth changes – constantly! It’s got to keep changing to keep up with the twists and turns it creates. TRUTH stands still – cemented into its roots! No twists. No turns to keep up with. IT JUST IS!

Ego is only the do’er! Starting at point A to get to point B. Growing the ego will only have the ego getting in its own way and fumbling up the do’ing. Remember, it is DO’ing for YOU, not for itself. Another old adage, “if you want it done right do it your Self”. Well, then allow the ego to DO, but it’s up to you to follow along within the WILL of SOUL.

Ego cannot evolve. SOUL CAN EVOLVE!!!!!!!!!! This I have experienced and been a witness to for my Self.

Ego is the lower mind of lower vibrations attached to lower vibration thoughts, emotions and behaviors. SOUL is the higher vibrational mind (Will of the SOUL), of LOVE, COMPASSION and WISDOM. That’s all the SOUL knows. Everything else is personality of the ego.

My guides are showing me this needs to be expressed for you to understand that functioning through the ego keeps you in lower vibrations and when you choose WILL OF THE SOUL, you begin to raise your Self up and out of lower vibrational personality aspects of the ego. This is how you become your TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF!

The TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF is YOU functioning through your SOUL internally and externally through SPIRITUAL TRUTHS. Your LIGHT is turned on and SHINING BRIGHT!

So here I am behind the keyboard as my guides are channeling this information through for me to write and complete this article. My own ego is stepping in and saying, “yea but this, yea but that, what about this factor and what about that factor”, and my guides are saying, “Just type”. They know questions will arise and more explanation and expansion will be required, but they are telling me we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

See how easy it is for ego to get in the way. Even while I am channeling wisdoms and knowledges to come through, ego will step in and question everything under the sun. Why? Because ego needs to know everything there is to know for PROOF! Ego wants all the scientific, logical, rational and practical knowledge he can gain about a topic, experience, discussion and/or knowledge.

My guides are telling me that it’s important to explain to you how to get SOUL out of the trunk to be the driver.  When your SOUL is driving – you are NOW functioning in your SOUL.

So… ask me please.

“Nicole, how do I get my SOUL out of the trunk”?

Ahhhhh. I am so glad you asked.

Did you know I am a Certified Teacher of Meditation? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.     I AM!

Silencing your ego through meditation lets your SOUL out of the TRUNK. It is during this practice you can begin to TOUCH your SOUL.

There is NO way for you to TOUCH your SOUL while ego is driving, cussing, flipping people off, causing accidents, drama and/or atrocities for you to manage and get through.

Another old adage, “The LIGHT is on the other side of the tunnel” Ego is the tunnel – LIGHT is the SOUL.

Let’s get to the main focus now they are telling me.

So, where are you within your SOUL’s evolution? Is your SOUL unfolding, yet or are you allowing ego to block the unfold?

If you’re allowing ego to block the unfold, I am meant to tell you that YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON SOMETHING AMAZING!

The best way I am able to express or describe it to you is like this; Life is prettier, softer, more positive with beautiful manifestations coming through. It’s important for you to see, feel and witness the magic to even KNOW it is there.

There is no MAGIC in ego. Remember – ego is logical, rational and practical (along with controlling, manipulating and HARSH). MAGIC does not reveal itself in any of these things

I know…because I’ve been there. MAGIC lays beyond the realm of practicality, rationality and logicality within an entire different dimension and hidden realm. You will not get there through the ego.

Meditation is an OPENING! A SOFTENING! Meditation dissolves the ego’s LIMITATIONS allowing you to become LIMITLESS.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and your response to them has been, “Well, I don’t believe that, it’s impossible”. You speak these words through your ego of limitation, being CLOSED to accept new concepts, ideas and/or behaviors and actions. This goes hand in hand with judgement and limiting your Self to new experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and LIFE.

Ask your Self this question. “What is my life like right now and what has my life been like since I was a child, a young adult, an adult?” Have my experiences been SOULful or EGOful? Do an inventory on your life.

I will speak my truth about my own inventory to give you a glimpse of understanding. It was my Shaman who advised me to do an inventory on my past experiences in this lifetime and when I did, I have to say it was a jaw dropping awareness. What was shown to me when doing this inventory is that my life had a THEME! I looked at the people and experiences of the last, I don’t know, 7 years – and I had a plethora of people who mistreated me, took me for granted, abused me. No matter how much love and kindness I gave to them, they were ROTTEN to say the least.

You’re probably saying to your Self, “what is so dropping about becoming aware of people being rotten to you”. I am laughing because people being rotten to me was of my own doing. I NEVER VALUED MY SELF – therefore, I drew in people who didn’t VALUE me! All my thoughts, actions and behaviors were done through my own FREE WILL, not the WILL OF MY SOUL. HA HA! See where that FREE WILL gets you. (As my left ear is ringing while I type this segment’s portion).

You are meant to RELEASE your SOUL out of the TRUNK! Your SOUL cannot unfold or evolve BEAUTIFULLY ~ MAGICALLY ~ MYSTICALLY ~ MULTI-DIMENSIONALLY until you take this ONE action.

No one can do it for you. This is in your own SOUL blueprint.

My guides are asking me to give you reassurance in letting you know not to get flustered, worry or cause your Self anxiety if you don’t feel it’s happening for you when YOU WANT IT TO – because again – this is your ego straining for instant gratification.

My guides are just asking you to be open and accepting to the WILL OF YOUR SOUL rather than egoic free will.

This is where the article ends. If you have questions or would like to schedule services to work with me you can contact me through email: merkabahbreath@outlook.com or my website: https://mysticmoonsunflowers.com.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Anne is a Certified Teacher of Meditation, Energy Healer & Alchemist, Writer, Artist, Spiritual Teacher, SOUL Mentor & Coach. She possesses Spiritual & Psychic abilities to Channel & receive benevolent messages, insight and guidance to guide and assist others along their journey within this lifetime. She has studied Yoga, Integrated Energy Healing, Chakra & Crystal Therapy with the gift to prescribe Mantras & Mudras for clients to work with for Self-Healing, to CONNECT and TOUCH the depths of their SOUL. Nicole’s first priority is to continue upon her Spiritual Journey, through always working with her own internal energy – to grow and expand within her-Self, in addition to strengthening her connection and communication with her Spiritual Team, guides, Angels and Ascended Masters. Nicole’s knowledge and experience through her studies and Spiritual gifts is deep and over abundant, in order to be in alignment with her SOUL Purpose and Mission to TEACH, GUIDE and heal the SOUL’s of humanity to access growth and evolve into higher consciousness. Common Themes in Nicole’s work include: Goddesses, Angels, Mantra & Mudras, Meditation, Charging, Programming, Activating crystals to work with an individual’s personal energy and Chakras. Nicole also hosts a podcast “Love Letters for the MAGICAL SOUL” and blogs to Real Revolution Radio X.O. “The Intuitive Blog” with WordPress. Both can be found under the “Real Revolution Radio” tab at her website http://mysticmoonsunflowers.com – Nicole has been studying for many years and is moving forward in teaching the Merkabah Meditation to guide and assist others in activating their Merkabah, along with holding events in her hometown, Charleston S.C. to chant mantras under the Full Moon on Folly Beach.






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