This is what I am being shown to write about.

I have no idea what is about to unfold – I am sitting here at my laptop as the messages unfold within my writing.

To be empathic – simply put is to FEEL. Not with the hands or other external senses.

FEELING with the internal senses.

I have always been empathic. Feeling with my heart.

And then there came a time when the feeling became an internal sensing and knowing.

It is my GPS system – guiding me to all things meant for me.

is what I am being shown to write about.

I had my Shaman ask me, “How did you know how to create “SACRED SPACE”? You must’ve learned it from somewhere. I paused – to find my words. Not sure how to elaborate or unfold my “inner knowing’s”. I replied with- I didn’t learn it from anywhere – it’s a FEELING. She then asked me if I read about it or did research, to know how to create a sacred space for my self. Again, I paused. How do I explain to someone that the sacred space I’ve created for my self – came from what I was drawn to internally. The things that make me feel SACRED.

Being aware that all things happen for a reason, I began to receive messages from my guides and Angels that this question was being asked of me for the purpose of “INTROSPECTION”. To look at this question consciously and when I did, I would be shown my power and full potential of who I AM. My guides, angels and Ascended Masters tell me and show me often, how powerful I AM. Because there are times that I may doubt this, the INTROSPECTION of my Shaman asking me this question, would provide and show me answers of my Spiritual and Psychic tools that have been utilized since my Spiritual Awakening has opened for me.

A Spiritual Awakening is different for everyone – according to the blueprint of their SOUL and what is meant to unfold for them within their journey. Since the very beginning my Spiritual Awakening has been all about the SOUL and working with my SELF internally to purify my internal energies to guide and assist others in purifying their own energies to access and move forward into HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS of their own Spiritual Awakening.

The more work I completed, the more I learned, the more work I did – raised me up to a higher level of consciousness, in addition to PURIFYING my Internal energies to be my TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF. When this happens – you just KNOW! My Shaman has confirmed this for me more then a couple times through just casual conversation, “Nicole, you’re Authentic”.

In the beginning I was a SEEKER OF TRUTH. I am no longer a SEEKER; I am now TRUTH!

In the purification of my internal being – I began to feel more and more SACRED. Pulling in, Drawing to me, Holding solid within my being – Sacred Energy. Purification on this level – defined and tuned me into hypersensitive energy – finetuning my EMPATHIC qualities.

I had this spare room that wasn’t being used and I knew immediately I needed to have my own Sacred Space for my Spiritual & Meditation practices, rituals, and to develop and strengthen my own INNER SANCTUARY. At the time that I decided to make this room my meditation room, it was already shown to me that I was in need of building a relationship with my SELF. A meditation room was a perfect place to begin.

meditation canopy (2)
Meditation Canopy

So, this is where creating a Sacred Space evolves and becomes something Sacred and Magical. I have ALWAYS FELT MAGICAL. Always known I AM MAGICAL. And now I had the energetic vibrational frequencies of SACREDNESS.

holistic supplies and tools
Holistic Supplies & Divination Tools

I had once asked an individual that I was helping to create a sacred space for, “What is it that makes you FEEL Sacred?” She looked at me blankly. She had no idea what I meant or even how to answer. She wasn’t there yet. She wasn’t holdinig into any vibrational frequencies of talking, walking or living sacredly. Therefore, she couldn’t tell me or even have the notion of what made her feel sacred.

Not only did I work on my own being internally, there were things that I needed to consciously stop doing. Drinking alcohol was one of them.  alcohol lowers your vibrations. Fortunate for me, I had never been much of a drinker – I was always more of a social drinker.

Alcohol lowers your vibrations This is something that I had learned in the very beginning through reading a very informing article. The SOUL cannot withstand the toxicity of the environment when alcohol is involved and will exit the body. When this happens, there is room for darker entities and/or energies to step in and spill your messy Spirit out into the external reality.

I didn’t look up or do any research on what I wanted my meditation room to look like or be, I just began to create the room with objects and items I already had. When it came to specific items for my room, my SOUL guided me to items that provided SACRED and MAGICAL energy.

It was at this time; I began to see a film of energy around people’s bodies. For some, it was dancing. Others, like a heartbeat. This was an amazing experience. I would practice seeing Aura’s in public, within nature or a doctor’s office. I had to be careful, because it is considered rude to stare at someone. So, at times, this was difficult to practice in public.

My meditation room became the room where I practiced Reiki for my SELF, others, and clients. In addition to providing Crystal Therapy, my own meditation practice, the practicing of my Siddhi’s, finding out, developing and the strengthening of my Spiritual and Psychic Tools.

oracle decks
Oracle Deck Table

I began to fill my meditation room with crystals, Hindu tapestries, essential oils, herbs for burning, a meditation canopy hanging from the ceiling. I was also being guided to draw and paint, something that I had never done before in my entire life, nor did I have any skills to draw or paint. I was lucky if I was able to draw a circle without it looking like something other than a circle.

My art developed within a few months and over the last two years, I have become an experienced amateur artist. All my art is channeled, with being guided and shown what to draw, how to draw it and which lines to erase and how to reform them for the creation to come out the way it is meant upon completion. All my creations are Spiritually and Meditatively themed, my favorite symbol that I have ALWAYS been drawn to since my Awakening is the Aum Symbol, which happens to have an intense significance within this lifetime for me.

My Artistic Creations

The energy that is utilized and provided within a specific environment BUILDS and BUILDS and BUILDS. The building of my energy of not only my Sacred and Magical practices, but my calming, healing, peaceful and SANCTUARY energy is the energy that is stored within this room. Every person who has ever walked into my meditation room has OOH’d and AHH’d at the calm healing sensation that can be felt.

I burned Mugwort, sage, frankincense and Palo Santo wood for two years in my meditation room. Herbs have magical properties, along with spiritual, meta-physical and multi-dimensional. When burning herbs, they are working with your internal energies and vibrations. I have been burning herbs for many years, which have been in turn working with my internal being- cleansing, purifying and releasing energies and vibrations that are no longer serving me.


None it of this was shown to me. I was just responding to all the things my SOUL was showing me, guiding me to. It is a guiding of the SOUL – with the knowing that my SOUL is my Master. In addition to past lives as a High Priestess in Lemuria & Egypt, a white witch in Salem, with downloads coming in from other SOUL sparks of a Guru and Sage.

When I had first started doing yoga for the first time, my yogi was playing Kirtan throughout the class by Krishna Das. I had loved Kirtan so much, I began to look for the songs on Pandora to listen to outside of Yoga class as well. Low and Behold- I found it on Pandora. Using a small Bluetooth speaker, I began to funnel kirtan throughout my meditation room throughout the entire day. I was never told about the high vibrational frequency that Kirtan and Mantras hold, I was drawn to each one separately – and my SOUL unfolded what was to come next with each one.

The learning of Hindu practices, reading the Vedas &Ramayana, being connected to others from India, and the Hindu downloads I am receiving from one or more of my other 11 SOUL sparks deepened and developed my own Hindu practices –is what drew me to hanging Hindu tapestries in my meditation room.

Hindu Tapestries & my pup Bruizer

When it comes to our other 11 SOUL sparks, it is very natural to receive downloads of what that SOUL spark is experiencing – parallel universe. It is through these downloads we also have “KNOWINGS”, without having to do research or read books to be guided in our next actions or behaviors.

Let me say this: It is DEFINITELY O.K. to do research and gain knowledge externally. It is through these forms that my guides and angels provide messages and knowing’s to me through the ability of resonating and being shown TRUTH within all things.  It has been shown to me, that because my Astrological sign of being a Libra – doing research of any kind is significant to my Spiritual and Psychic tools of receiving through my higher connections.  It is in the unfold of my SOUL’s blueprint that this is how my Spiritual and Psychic Tools INTENSIFY and align within my being- raising me into a higher level of consciousness. Why is this? Years ago I aligned with the vibrations of TRUTH – research is now like a GPS tool for me with being able to feel what is TRUTH and what is not.

I always thank my Shaman for asking or saying the many things she does say to me, through providing guidance or in casual conversation, because it causes me to go into INTROSPECTION MODE. There is something that is being shown to me that I haven’t been seeing or looking at that is meant to move me forward.

My SOUL guided me to her as well. I had no idea who she was and all it took was the “mentioning” of her name and I immediately knew I was meant to work with her.

At the time, I was aware that Angels were guiding others to me for healing and I wanted to find out more since this was something new for me.  I have been working with her for a year now with much gratitude and love.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Anne is a Certified Teacher of Meditation, Energy Healer & Alchemist, Writer, Artist, Spiritual Teacher, SOUL Mentor & Coach. Nicole utilizes her tools of Spiritual & Psychic abilities to Channel & receive benevolent messages, insight and guidance to guide and assist others along their journey within this lifetime. In addition to gaining her Yoga Instructors certification, she is an Integrated Energy Healer with expertise in Chakra & Crystal Therapy. Nicole uses her ability to prescribe Mantras & Mudras for clients to work with for Self-Healing, to CONNECT and TOUCH the depths of their SOUL. Nicole’s first priority is to continue upon her Spiritual Journey, through always working with her own internal energy – to grow and expand within her-Self, in addition to strengthening her connection and communication with her Spiritual Team, guides, Angels and Ascended Masters. Nicole’s knowledge and experience through her studies and Spiritual gifts is deep and over abundant, in order to be in alignment with her SOUL Purpose and Mission to TEACH, GUIDE and heal the SOUL’s of humanity to access growth and evolve into higher consciousness. Common Themes in Nicole’s work include: Goddesses, Angels, Mantra & Mudras, Meditation, Charging, Programming, Activating crystals to work with an individual’s personal energy and Chakras. Nicole also hosts a podcast “Love Letters for the MAGICAL SOUL” and blogs to Real Revolution Radio X.O. “The Intuitive Blog” with WordPress. Both can be found under the “Real Revolution Radio” tab at her website http://mysticmoonsunflowers.com Nicole has been studying for many years and is moving forward in teaching the Merkabah Meditation to guide and assist others in activating their Merkabah, along with holding events in her hometown, Charleston S.C. to chant mantras under the Full Moon on Folly Beach.


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