Time Spiral and consciousness

Did consciousness evolve like the body did, or was there another factor that introduced consciousness into an evolving body?

Evolution is defined as a timeline, and evolution is very, very slow. Is it just possible that it took thousands of years for the body to evolved into a body that would hold advanced spiritual consciousness?

Science states the the body just all of a sudden became self aware, and it was this self awareness that led to consciousness. Really? Can a rock all of a sudden become self aware? The highest awareness that is possible for a rock is the being a rock. However, this is not true of the human species.

Although primates are advanced in understanding communication, which gives them the ability to learn, it is consciousness that has the ability to move outside of human communication to develop new inventions, along with innovations, that would be impossible for an ape to develop.

What this means is that we have the conscious ability to reach off of the linear timeline of body evolution. Beyond the evolution timeline, there is a wealth of information that have introduced new ideas into our world, but this is not a timeline, it is a time spiral in space that can propel us consciously into new heights of understanding and self realization. If you don’t think that science understands this concept, think again. It is in the best interest of science, politics, and religion to keep us consciously trapped on the linear timeline. This will prevent us from understanding the higher concepts that we are consciously capable of understanding. These concepts are defined in whole peace, whole health, whole abundance, whole happiness, and the list goes on.

The obvious reason for keeping us consciously locked on a linear timeline is for the purpose of bondage. By making us believe that we do not have consistent access to the spiral time factor, we are subject to the artificial means that are being provided for the people to make their life work. This is just not how it is supposed to be.

The problem is, our consciousness was developed outside of spiral time, or on a linear timeline. For this reason, we have not learn to consistently explore beyond this timeline that humankind evolved on.

It is obvious that the linear timeline was helpful for evolution, but as far as consciousnessIf w is concerned, we are being contained, or held in subjection to those who know if we ventured into spiral time, we would not need politics, religion, banks, corporations, pharmaceuticals, or anything else that is attempting to keep us enslaved to the linear timeline.

There is a much higher ability to communicate than the artificial one that is being provided by artificial intelligence and technology.  The way of communicating is with the Heavens. It involves telepathy. This is a Living Language that is spoken in the Heavens. If we want to consciously learn the Living Language, the very Heavens will open up its doors. However, if we do not learn to consciously reach out off of the linear timeline to explore this time spiral, our world and all of the people in it are going to consciously be sucked into an artificial timezone. In fact, this is already occurring. Our children are being taught that this is the next step in evolution. Is this what we really want for future generations?

Wake up!!! There is much more that those in the know understand than what we are being told. We are being programmed to consciously enter into an artificially supplied timezone. This is the next step in evolution. What it is not the next step in is Conscious Revolution.

Vow to Consciously Revolve instead of evolve. Heaven will support us and our world in a conscious Revolution to enter into the Revolving Time Zone that is our conscious heritage.

The linear timezone has ended, which means the days of evolution are done. If you stay on the linear timeline, the next step is to download your consciousness inside of artificial intelligence. Are you willing to accept this for yourself? How about your children.

Every 2000 years, a major spiritual event happens that changes the course of evolutionary history. The first event was when Moses received the Living Law of Heaven. This was the first introduction to the Spiral Timezone. If people obeyed the Living Laws that they received, they would stay protected inside of this spiral. However, the call of the evolutionary linear timeline proved to be too strong, and the people of the Nation of Israel began to pick up the ways of the past. This was based on force and manipulation and survival of the fittest.

2000 years after Living Law was introduced into this world, there was a Man that came to Earth that taught the means to enter the spiral timezone. He had miracles to prove His existence did not originate from the linear timeline. These miracles are also available to us, but first we have to move off of this linear timeline that we believe will provide us safety. There is NO safety here. Where this world is headed, we do not want to go.

I am telling you this because I have seen because I have been shown. I know about the deceptions on the linear timeline that are leading the world, and the people who continue to attempt to walk on this linear timeline into a permanent hell. LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN; THERE IS NO MORE LINEAR TIMELINE. IT HAS ENDED. We have an individual conscious decision to make; either we consciously walk into an artificially defined timezone where we will be consciously trapped for a very long time, or we consciously agree to be led by the Heavens into a Spiral timezone. Between these two, there is nothing else.

I have consciously learned that it is possible to move off of the evolutionary timeline people still believe exists. What I understand now is that the time I have spent on a linear timeline only showed me what I did not want, and the times I escaped the linear timeline was the only time I was really happy. I can assure you, learning to use time to define a season is much more preferable than spending time in linear hell.

Heaven has promised to open up its Gates and protect those who agree to move into Spiral Time with Living Law. The promise of a Season of Miracles is possible in Spiral Time, but impossible in the time where we have placed our faith. Is it possible that we have been wrong about time and our reality? Is this not at least worth looking into?

The Miracle Alchemist
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