It will take 2,000 years to travel through these high frequency bands of the Photon Belt being streamed from the Great Central Sun. When we entered Aquarius in 2012 there was no other option but change. A higher vibrational existence was bound to happen. Every transition into a new Age is accompanied by global change and increasingly radical weather conditions.

Humanity, is currently in extreme chaos but this should make sense to all of you. When switching from a low vibrational existence to a high vibrational existence you’re going to experience friction. Meaning, we’re experiencing an incredible expansion and some will resist. This is how new realities are born. This is what we’re seeing with all the global chaos. All the historical signs of a collapsing civilization is extremely evident.

Remember, we spend 2,000 years in each age meaning we spend 2,000 years in each constellation and each constellation gives off different frequencies which means a whole different reality. A whole different timeline. This higher photon light is transmitting higher consciousness into our DNA.

During this 2,000 year span of Aquarius we will be absorbing this higher photon light and all human DNA will develop a pattern of higher intelligence. We are currently experiencing a global reset. Whenever there is a new beginning it brings with it the conclusion of all outdated conditions therefore the old structure will collapse.

I believe the year 2020 is the year of physical Ascension. We are seeing the revealing of all the imbalances that need to be corrected. The lower denser distortional frequencies are collapsing and will be replaced with a higher more harmonious timeline there’s no other option. You can see this currently happening with the human population and all societal structures. While in the continuous collapse and expansion we are seeing the Universe, which is life, recreate itself.

Lightbearers, light workers are strategically placed all over the planet with the mission to destabilize all control systems. It is your purpose, it is why you’re here and it’s your spiritual dedication. We are currently experiencing an angelic upliftment of consciousness to prepare us for this Ascension.

We are currently experiencing things in extremes on a global scale. We are in a time of new discoveries, new innovations and new insights. Meaning, we as a species are experiencing a Mass Awakening to the unknown.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: “Like many of my Facebook friends I’ve had several direct communications/ contacts with ET’s and the ones I’ve had contact with are the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians I’ve met possess no faces and are completely telepathic… Pure Light Energy! They are “Pleiadian Light Beings” not the proverbial Pleiadian blonde/brunette , blue/green eyed physical beings. There is always 4 of them – one of them is my guide and I’ll keep his name to myself. The contact and communication started out them introducing themselves to me and continued into pretty much business. They are very protective, very advanced, and stern. This particular race are so highly advanced they cannot lower their vibration low enough to meet me in our third dimensional physical plane it’s too heavy, to dense. Soooo, I meet them in my sleep state, in their reality, a higher frequency, a higher dimension, a higher state of consciousness that I can only attain in my sleep state. I know they know who we are better then we do because we forgot when we came into this 3D plane. I have an implant in my left upper thigh that I believe they monitor my health with, give me downloads of information through this implant and track me. They know what an incredibly hard mission it is to incarnate on Earth cause of it’s denseness, heaviness, very low frequency. Many of you whether you know it or not have Pleiadian guides you just don’t know it yet. When disclosure comes the whole world will know who the Pleiadian race is – no doubt about it.” (Teri Wade)

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