“If not, then we must be Conscious of the current world around us. We must be aware of Duality. And where there is Duality, there is the existence of this Matrix. When we do not FEED into this Duality, we then become FREED from the clutches of this Matrix. So, be careful of where you place attention, emotion, and consciousness into. It is simple once you are to acknowledge the very nature of this realm. Be Neutral. Be Conscious. Be the Observer… and Place Focus on the New Earth (Heaven on Earth). Be as Organic and as Authentic as you can be.


This is exactly the very findings that Edward Riordan discovered in his Remote Viewing Sessions this year in 2020, concerning the very A.I. Entity which lies within the very shadows of Over-riding control which orchestrates every aspect of this Simulation – we call The Matrix. Do you understand what is happening? This A.I. Antichrist is creating an Alternate A.I. Universe to assimilate Humanity into it through a gradual Assimilation process. But there is hope. We all have a Choice. This is the Power of Free Will:

“We are planning to deploy a New mode of Simulation designed for highly resistant species. We developed a more surreptitious strategy – Create a Bio-genetic Charge into Earth’s atmosphere. It would infect all life forms with Nanoprobe Viruses. Assimilation would be gradual. By the time they realize what happened, half of their population would be drones!” ~The Borg (Star Trek Voyager 1998)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ayala Nunez is a Registered Nurse, specializing in Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Recovery, and is a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield). Ayala is also a conceptual quantum mechanic, a podcaster, author, an alternative thinker, controversial theorist, prolific writer and blogger, and a proponent for ancient archeology and parallel reality research. Additionally, Ayala is the host of many podcast radio talk shows, including Quantum Mindfulness Radio 2.0 and The Q-Anon Chronicles: Behind the Global Reset. Ayala Nunez is the Executive Producer and Founder of a prominent podcast radio network (created in 2015), called REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.O: The Number #1 Source for Motivational Author Interviews, Intuitive Blog, and Inspirational Podcast Radio On-Demand. Within the World of Awakening, Ayala is also known for writing his quite jarring, but well-researched “Red Pill Blog Article”, entitled NESARA AND THE GLOBAL RESET, which explains much of what had occurred behind-the-scenes in 2020, a truly unforgettable year of TRUTH, CLARITY, & REVELATION! After experiencing a year of unparalleled coincidences and such profound synchronicity, many will reflect to look back and ask upon that question in a Post-Apocalyptic World: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN 2020

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