“I believe we are moving towards something, and this Q-Anon thing is a part of that. It’s a part of something. The Q-Anon phenomena is something much bigger. I’m not saying that it is good or it’s bad or it’s helpful or evil. I’m not going to label it. Only to share my opinion based upon what I’ve experienced here, is that it is part of something much bigger. And it is something that we are moving towards. And we are really being pushed and ushered towards something extremely unusual. That is one piece of one very large event, which is coming over us like a big wave: ASSIMILATION!” (Edward Riordan)

WHO IS EDWARD RIORDAN: “I began remote viewing in 1999 with a system that was an off shoot of CRV. I have since switched to CRV as I find it to be a better fit for my skills. In 2013 I’ve had the great pleasure and opportunity to do one on one “tune up” training with the highly respected and highly skilled former military remote viewer Paul H. Smith.I am a contracted associate of Transception Inc. an R&D company specializing in the exploitation of CRV and other methods to lawfully extract technology from the state of nature as a means for building, licensing, and enforcing its intellectual property (IP) portfolio of patents and copyrights. I currently serve as Associate Council for The Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies (INACS) contributing to their remote viewing study group. I am the founder and host of Austin Remote Viewers meet up group meeting bi weekly at INACS in Austin Texas.” ~Edward Riordan

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