“COVID-19 is biowarfare, biological terrorism and genocide. This strain of coronavirus is a bioengineered virus, developed by Pirbright Institute, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, patented, then transferred to a Level 4 government lab, Wuhan Laboratory in Wuhan, China, for release. The release of this virus also effectively ended the Hong Kong uprising.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation held an event in October 2019, #Event201, in which the pandemic preparedness scenario was a virus that killed millions of people. The virus was called coronavirus.
This is biological terrorism to fear monger the people into toxic injections that will likely shed/spread and worsen this man-made pandemic. COVID-19 is to push mandatory vaccination, restriction of travel, military control (martial law) and quarantine. The global elites (dba United Nations) are pushing for mandatory vaccination for everyone except themselves.
Mandatory vaccination is the precursor to mandatory microchip or Universal Biometric Identity and ID2020 as the UN says and it’s the ULTIMATE, ABSOLUTE control over humanity. This is why we’re seeing the push for mandatory vaccination.” (REFERENCE: UN Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Georgia Guidestones)
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ian Jacklin is a great martial artist and former Kickboxing champion, mostly popular for the martial arts genre. He started playing bad guys, but turned good later. In 1994 he was the hero in “Death Match”. A great action movie in which he starred alongside WMAC-Masters’ Michele ‘Mouse’ Krasnoo. Besides acting, Jacklin has also done fight choreography. Nowadays, Jacklin dedicates himself to alternative ways of battling cancer.


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