When the Dimensional shift happens we’ll experience the 3rd dimensional state of consciousnes recede away. When this happens we will start to see synthetic materials begin to disappear that are not of the natural world. In my opinion they will not disappear all at once it will depend on what they’re made of.

When the grid of 3rd dimensional consciousness begins to break down along with the magnetic field this is when these synthetic materials will disappear. What so many don’t know is that axis and grid changes have been happening for millions of years this is why there are no manufactured items from previous civilizations that are of synthetic material. Which is ironic because these past civilizations were much more advanced than ours.

The fact that objects start to disappear especially to those who are and have been completely oblivious to the changes happening on this planet who also don’t understand what’s happening to themselves begin to go crazy. This is why very advanced civilizations built massive structures out of stone. These structures make it through the dimensional changes and remain there.

When this 3rd dimensional interface occurs you will notice the colors of the objects won’t match in ways you’ve been used to it will boggle your mind. The Galactic’s that have been monitoring this shift are hoping for a gradual movement through this interface. You will be able to watch this change happen for only a short time before the magnetic field completely collapses.

Your field of view and vision will disappear and you will find yourself in sort of a black void. The 3rd dimensional consciousness will be gone for you. Some people will fall asleep and start dreaming for 3 to 4 days. The proverbial 3 days of darkness. This is a natural process and we’ve done it many many times but fear will be an issue for some humans on the 3rd dimensional level.

During this process you might all of a sudden remember you have done this before. As the 4th dimensional world comes into perception Light comes back again. You will be in a world unlike you’ve never seen before although you have you just haven’t been able to remember because of the erasing of our memory.

It will be a brand new place all the color, shapes and textures will be all new to you. There are a lot of similarities when you shift worlds but this one you will shift as you not as an infant. And probably minus your clothes depending on what they’re made of.

One of the similarities is the Holy Trinity the mother, father, child. When upon entering this new world you’ll be met by two beings your father and your mother but they will not be anyting like your Earth parents. These beings will be 10 to 15 ft tall they have a bond with you and will guide you through the beginning stages of this new world. These beings know you and your divine nature from the very beginning of your creation. Basically, you will be in this incredible new reality with two beings that you have this intense love and bond with but won’t really know why.

As your physical body structure remains the same, on an atomic level you will have transformed dramatically. Meaning, much of the 3rd dimensional denseness will have been converted to energy. Meaning, much of your atomic structure will now be further apart than before. What I mean is your cells won’t be so coagulated together which means you’re becoming a lighter being not so dense.

You will go through this process alone. Remember the biblical saying “the many are called, so few chosen” Meaning, the wheat will be separated from the chaff. Remember, when you enter this 4th Dimensional world you are creating everything second by second, thought by thought. This is also true in the 3rd dimensional world but we have been so programmed to live in such a restrictive environment within an incredible amount of limitation.

This new reality is a world of everything happening instantly. What I believe the saying “the wheat will be separated from the chaff” means. As we go through this movement into this higher 4th dimension you will need to stay away from any fear based emotion because that will pull you back into that lower vibration. The ones that are thinking love and who remain calm will be pulled through to that higher reality and you have just won the game.

You become stable in this new reality depending on what you’re thinking.

“If you live by the sword you shall die by the sword and the meek shall inherit the Earth.” Meaning, the separation of those who still remain thinking in a 3rd dimensional way will be left behind. The wheat and the chaff will be separated.

One of the first things you’ll start to realize is that whatever you think happens instantaneously. Many of you will look at your appearance and want to change it to an ideal image that you want. Self modification is a childlike exercise but if you look at many non-terrestrial beings they’re all tall, beautiful and healthy. Self modification of body structure is a natural occurrence and will continue from the 4th dimension on. It’s a creative expression. Again, it’s very important to remain at peace within the first few hours of this dimensional interface. Your inner technology is very important.

Remember, these two beings are unlike your Earth parents and they will guide you the first two years of this new reality. They don’t look at you as your Earth parents do as possessions to be controlled. Let’s say these two beings are telling you something you would instantly experience it. If they are explaining a certain location or a room you will instantly be there. It’s kind of like a higher state of dreamtime.

The 4th dimensional realm is somewhat like the 3rd dimensional realm with some physical aspects to it but with the injection of Christ consciousness which will bring in Unity consciousness. A Whole New World…

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: “Like many of my Facebook friends I’ve had several direct communications/contacts with ET’s and the ones I’ve had contact with are the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians I’ve met possess no faces and are completely telepathic… Pure Light Energy! They are “Pleiadian Light Beings” not the proverbial Pleiadian blonde/brunette , blue/green eyed physical beings. There is always 4 of them – one of them is my guide and I’ll keep his name to myself. The contact and communication started out them introducing themselves to me and continued into pretty much business. They are very protective, very advanced, and stern. This particular race are so highly advanced they cannot lower their vibration low enough to meet me in our third dimensional physical plane it’s too heavy, to dense. Soooo, I meet them in my sleep state, in their reality, a higher frequency, a higher dimension, a higher state of consciousness that I can only attain in my sleep state. I know they know who we are better then we do because we forgot when we came into this 3D plane. I have an implant in my left upper thigh that I believe they monitor my health with, give me downloads of information through this implant and track me. They know what an incredibly hard mission it is to incarnate on Earth cause of it’s denseness, heaviness, very low frequency. Many of you whether you know it or not have Pleiadian guides you just don’t know it yet. When disclosure comes the whole world will know who the Pleiadian race is – no doubt about it.” (Teri Wade)

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