Yes… I would have to agree… indeed… that Yeshua was other than that of Caucasian descent… considering the prominence of that particular culture in that region. But I must also have to state… that his very last words on the cross… was also Mayan in etymology… NOT HEBREW AT ALL SURPRISINGLY ENOUGH… which roots even further to the very roots of Lemuria – The Motherland of Man and Womb-Man:
“Hele, hele, lamat zabac ta ni.” (Yeshua) – known widely as the Serpent on the Cross by the Gnostics – the Very people during Jesus’ Day whom have witness his very work… first hand… NOT 500 YEARS LATER.
And you can doubt and ridicule me all you want… but do the research. That’s all I ask. Do not base truth upon assumptions.
The Holy Bible is very much so TRUTH. It is the Spoken Word of God, within the Feminine and Masculine Aspects of what God is, but The Holy Bible -The King James Version- is only a partial Truth. It is incomplete. This Bible is only one BOOK… but there are literally many thousands of other pages missing within its very Chapters. So many that are missing… that several other Bibles can also be generated from it.. which can result in the literal manifestation of an entire Volume… of many books… indeed!
The Actual Bible is not merely a Book… but rather a Volume of Books. Several hundreds and hundreds of Gospels were excluded from the very Main Canon that now makes up The King James Bible. This version was created as a political move to control the masses… as determined by the Council of Nicea. And now to this very day… we are continuously disillusioned by its incompleteness. If one should read any type of Bible… one must attempt to read the Torah or perhaps even the Koran… instead.
The True Bible and all of its wonderful Gospels lie within the Hearts of all of our Souls… for none of the pages of this Actual Biblical Text could none be manipulated nor denied… for the very Words of our Lord rings and pulsates infinitely within every beat of our existance. These are the very words of St. Thomas… another Gospel prohibited from being included within the main Canon of The Holy Text.
Unlearn from what… had been learned… then one day… we shall have enough room within our Consciousness and Subconsciousness… to know of our TRUTHS… and to even determine (without a shadow of the doubt)… the ILLUSION.
Joel Ayala Ayapana is a Veteran of the United States Air Force, a Registered Nurse Human Rights Activist, an avid writer, and the author of his memoir called THE BOOK OF POSITIVE LIGHT: REMEMBRANCE OF THE HEART. He is the Founder of AFG Evolutions Crypto-Consulting and the Host of his newly resurrected online podcast radio broadcast – Quantum Mindfulness Radio and the Great Awakening. Additionally, he is also a contributing writer and the Marketing Executive for Life Lessons Magazine and the Executive Producer and Founder of

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