TWO YEARS AGO TODAY by Dannion Brinkley (10/14/2020)

“Two years ago today, I came out of open heart surgery to repair an aneurysm. I had my 4th Journey to where we come here from. I had to be clinically necessitated 3 times over the next week – I guess to make sure I did not forget the reason each of us was chosen and we choose to come here at this time in history.


SECOND RULE OF REALITY: Your are not lost. You are a SPIRITUAL BEING. With dignity, direction, and purpose, we have let something effect our dignity which skews our direction and purpose. Find what it is and stop it! Find peace with it! Then let it go!

THIRD RULE OF REALITY: Know matter where you think, just remember this life is a gift! You gave yourself the gift of choice; the power of love and the gift of Compassion…

FOURTH RULE OF REALITY: Use these gifts wisely.I thank all of you for being my FRIENDS and (guess what) I AM still here doing my job, and loving each and everyone of you.

Please take care of you. Follow the rules. Make empowering choices. Use your power of love to BENEFIT humankind. Make the gift of Compassion a lifestyle.” ~Dannion Brinkley

WHO IS DANNION BRINKLEY: Dannion Brinkley is Author of Saved by the Light. Saved by the Light (Villard Books, 1994, Harper Torch 1995 ISBN 0-06-100889-3) is a book by Dannion Brinkley describing his purported near-death experience (NDE). It is co-authored by Paul Perry. Brinkley claims to have been struck by lightning and to have clinically died for approximately twenty-eight minutes. He eventually told a tale of a dark tunnel, a crystal city, and a “cathedral of knowledge” where thirteen “angels” shared with him over a hundred revelations about the future, some of which he claims have come true.

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