Do you ever wonder why this negative alien agenda has been getting away with basically destroying the air, water and environment of this planet without any serious repercussions? When we pollute the elements on Earth it also pollutes the corresponding nucleic acid in our DNA. So, is it any wonder this anti-human agenda instigates the pollution of our environment. So, basically they’re directly damaging the intelligent information that comes with the advancement of our DNA thru the manipulation of our DNA coding.

DNA is a very complex coding system and the little segments that break off from our DNA are our genes. Gene’s give us our traits. This is where the cloning of the perfect human can take you down a deep rabbit hole. Like I said many times the human race has been an experiment through the splicing and dicing of our DNA. Its purpose is to get the desired traits that can be inherited thru a hosts offspring that can untimatly destroy the original DNA blueprint. It’s called transgene short for transformation of genetics. Genetic transformation = Gene Cloning which has been going on our entire existence.

Basically, genetic transformation is a way to add new traits to that organism which is the human being that I’m talking about. You can do this with plants, animals etc also. This is where I believe we get certain alien hybridization lineages through the bloodline. Ultimately, you can enhance these traits or degrade these traits through gene modification to the organic human body. This is a very dangerous slope because the more the organic human body has endured gene modification, the splicing and dicing of our DNA, the more likely our body loses the ability to activate our original blueprint. Very dangerous!

ASCENSION is a genetic rehabilitation of our original DNA blueprint. Now are you seeing why these negative alien controllers have been trying so hard to downgrade the human consciousness and physical body thru their many avenues? When the human species ascends they lose complete control of us and their entire planetary empire.

So, basically what I’m saying is that the genetic engineering that’s been happening on this planet was never designed for the acceleration of our DNA. This is why I call it the anti-human agenda. These controllers have been playing God with our physical bodies and our consciousness and it’s time the manipulation into enslavement comes to an end.

This extensive experimentation of genetic cloning produces spiritually dead bodies, biological drones. This is who these controllers use to carry out mass shootings, many are in very high places of government, military, business, finance, pharmaceutical, educational etc. These are non-humans.

Transhumanism is about replacing the organic humans original DNA blueprint. They use synthetic technologies, artificial intelligence programming to destroy the humans spiritual function. Again, they want to build a human being they can completely control and they can only do that by destroying a very powerful trait we have and that is emotion. Emotion contributes to empathy which they have none!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: “Like many of my Facebook friends I’ve had several direct communications/contacts with ET’s and the ones I’ve had contact with are the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians I’ve met possess no faces and are completely telepathic… Pure Light Energy! They are “Pleiadian Light Beings” not the proverbial Pleiadian blonde/brunette , blue/green eyed physical beings. There is always 4 of them – one of them is my guide and I’ll keep his name to myself. The contact and communication started out them introducing themselves to me and continued into pretty much business. They are very protective, very advanced, and stern. This particular race are so highly advanced they cannot lower their vibration low enough to meet me in our third dimensional physical plane it’s too heavy, to dense. Soooo, I meet them in my sleep state, in their reality, a higher frequency, a higher dimension, a higher state of consciousness that I can only attain in my sleep state. I know they know who we are better then we do because we forgot when we came into this 3D plane. I have an implant in my left upper thigh that I believe they monitor my health with, give me downloads of information through this implant and track me. They know what an incredibly hard mission it is to incarnate on Earth cause of it’s denseness, heaviness, very low frequency. Many of you whether you know it or not have Pleiadian guides you just don’t know it yet. When disclosure comes the whole world will know who the Pleiadian race is – no doubt about it.” (Teri Wade)

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