Due to my line of work, being a Channel and an Automatic Writer, an interview piece such as this one, is very much out of my realm. It is something very new to me, being my first interview piece. All of my blog articles up until now have been channeled pieces. In this form, I never know what is going to unfold that is meant for an individual to see, read or receive through my visions and words.

This piece I had to prepare for and “set-up”, once again – “out of the norm” for me. I decided to do an interview piece for others to get a perspective of who the SOUL’s Blueprint is an unfolding within this lifetime. Everything happens for a reason and everything is connected spiritually. Being that our thoughts, words and actions are an energetic imprint – everything we do is completed within a different dimension and plane of reality before it manifests within the physical plane of reality. It is by this fusion of actions – that we create our reality.

In addition, we “sign up” and agree to specific to having specific SOUL EXPERIENCES before we are even conceived. Who our parents and siblings will be, where we live, which childhood friends we will have, EVERYTHING. The experience of BEING A WRITER is one of those experiences that we sign up and agree to- which is a part of the SOUL’s BLUEPRINT UNFOLDING. There is a purpose and reason to all of our experiences in this this lifetime – a lesson, resolving of karma and the SHINING of our LIGHT!

Like many other individuals, I have been writing since I was a very young child. At the young age of 4,  I was reading from books and newspapers.. I was a gifted child in the area of reading and writing and always had a book or a pencil in my hand. I wrote books at the of 9 or 10. One book had 32 chapters – and then I got bored and just abruptly stopped writing. Maybe because I was so young, I really had no idea what I was doing and didn’t know how to end it. I’m not sure.

I’ve been writing poetry – to far back to try to remember.

Writing it’s in my blood….my SOUL. Always has been.

Instead of writing chapters in non-existing books, I have a plethora of journals. One journal contains all my channeling and spiritual experiences, another is for my everyday lessons and resolved karmas, one for manifestation, another for mantra’s and mudras, a separate one for magic spells and another for essential oil blends and recipes.

I have no journal for my poetry. SURPRISE!

Twitter has been my poetry journal, since 2017, a way for me to heal from traumatic experiences through my own writing of poetry. And it did help tremendously in ways I cannot explain. Because I am an automatic writer, whether I am writing ink to pen to paper or typing – messages and insights come through to guide and assist me to see into my shadows, a new direction or a new perspective that allows me to transcend into new ways of thinking, speaking and or moving forward to live my best life for my best self in highest alignment with my SOUL.

Writing Meme for blog

Twitter is also where I met and connected with fellow writer, lyricist and poet Rob Clark. I have been connected to Rob for a little bit over a year or two. Rob’s poetry is raw, sensual, passionate, fun, flirty, deep and powerful. Rob goes above and beyond the bar with no limitations in the way he writes poetry and lyrics. In some way, he is unstoppable.

Rob Clark 1

I asked Rob if he would be interested in answering questions for my blog Love Letters for the MAGICAL SOUL, “Writing is an UNFOLDING Blueprint of the SOUL”. Below you will find the dialogue of a poet and lyricist whose WRITING is the UNFOLDING Blueprint of the SOUL.

Good Morning Rob, thank you again for taking the time to answer some questions for my blog, Love Letters for the MAGICAL SOUL. As you know, the topic of discussion is how writing is the unfolding blueprint of the SOUL. I’ve read many of your pieces and works and have described your poetry and lyrics as raw, deep, powerful, sensual, passionate, fun and flirty with holding no bars of limitations. Not everyone is born to be a writer – it’s not part of their blueprint. Their blueprint may unfold something entirely different for them or it may be a hidden talent that their blueprint hasn’t unfolded or activated as of yet.

LLFtMS: Let’s start with a little bit of background about your Self. Who is Rob Clark?

Rob: I’m a raging Cajun from the swamps of south Louisiana. I’ve lived all over the Gulf Coast, from Florida – Texas. The oldest of 5 siblings. I’ve been doing residential/commercial remodels for 21 years. I do it all from the shingles tot he slab, but my forte is finish work (painting, drywall, flooring, counter tops, carpentry). I’m an artsy dude. I’ve also been doing the music thing since marching band in high school. Music and Words. I don’t want to spill all the goods. Need to save some for next time.

LLFtMS: Swamps of Louisiana, nice.

LLFtMS: At what age did you start writing and was there one form of writing that came before the other? 

Rob: I was 10. I noticed during English class my crush was particularly fond of poetry, so I figured that would be how I would win her. There’s always been music in my head. Not anyone’s in particular, but a cadence or melody always playing up there. At first, I was writing to the rhythm/music in my head. So, I would say that was a form of songwriting. Your basic rhyming the last word of each line, AABB format. As I got older and reading poets outside our curriculum, like Rod McKuen, a love for free verse and prose grew and I semi-abandoned ship on the rhyme for a brief hiatus. When I returned to it I was really influenced by the multi-syllable rhyming, assonance, consonance,  alliteration, internal rhyme and enjambment of hip hop lyricists.

LLFtMS: Mmmm, what would do for love is so crazy.

LLFtMS: Along with the writer in you, I happen to know that you have a crazy funny, humorous, smart ass personality. It’s not just within face to face interactions or online connections, it also comes out in your writing as well.

Is there a way that you can expand on this side of who you are? Has it always been a part of your writing and poetry?

Rob: I’ve always had a knack for making people laugh and trying to make the best of a situation, finding humor in it. And I use humor to offset my anxiety. I’ve never been the type to do “casual” when it comes to sex. I’ve had a few moments, but I tie too much intimacy to it…wanted to make that clear because I also know that with most women, if you can make them laugh hard and long enough, you have a better chance of making them melt. I’ve always been one to see your naked soul before I try to take you out your clothes. Just like this piece I wrote,

I #confess I often undress you with my eyes Not taking you out of your clothes. Instead, Down to your naked Soul So that you’re beautiful light gets me through the night.

LLFtMS: Like I said, no bars of limitations. Rob Clark is limitless with his words and how he expresses him Self.


LLFtMS: Tell us a little bit about how you became a lyricist in the writing of song lyrics and how and when it evolved into poetry or vise/versa.

Rob: I’ve always considered the 2 as part of a whole. The Lyricist/The Poet. The origin of the word in ancient Greek is lyrics, which was used to describe a strong emotional verse or poem set to music (usually a lyre being the instrument) to be sung. It expressed poet’s thoughts and feelings, opposed to narrative poetry and verse drama, which were forms of story telling. So, I’ve always considered all of it poetry, minus the fact one is set to music. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I understood the significant difference. With poetry, you’ve got to incorporate imagery and other literary mechanisms, to pull at  the readers heart strings. With lyric writing, you have the music to help move the listener’s SOUL.  And nothing moves us like music does because of it’s capability to alter our frequency/vibration.

Being a writer my Self, my writing abilities progressed into “Automatic Writing”, with speaking and professing channeled and intuitive messages for my Self and others to guide and move forward in healing the internal environment to get into alignment with their SOUL for the benefit of a healthy Self and life. You and I have discussed your gift of writing as a way to provide inspiration to others.

LLFtMS: What experiences or who were and are your inspirational influences within your life that are a cause and effect of your writings today?

Rob: I can’t lie, lol. When I wrote stuff that got the attention of pretty female classmates, it created a drive to become better at it. I foolishly thought back then that I could become so good, that everyone would love everything I wrote.
Influenced by the creativity of lyricism in Hip Hop, as a collective. Most of my influences happen to be song writers/musicians. Too many to just name a few. Everything I read and listen to becomes a part of the collective creative in me. Understanding others’ perspectives expands my own.

As a Certified Teacher of Meditation, when working with clients, I advise them to bring a notebook or journal to their sessions with me, due to what they receive or are able to see during a session of meditation or working on developing their psychic tools and abilities. Through meditation we have the ability to quiet the mind and when this is done – there is a touching of the SOUL. It IS the SOUL that whispers, barely being heard due to ego being so LOUD and boisterous and in control. Releasing egos grip, releases its control over us allowing us to hear what the SOUL is whispering quietly. Your writing became such a passion, the more you practice, the more you quieted your mind to hear the whisperings of your SOUL, allowing you to write lyrics and poems. This form of creativity is associated with the Sacral Chakra – receiving in-SPIRIT-tion, due to creativity being associated with the unfolding of the SOUL- UNFOLDING YOUR BLUEPRINT in this lifetime.

LLFtMS: You and I have had many conversations within the depths of spirituality. You being someone who through phone conversations or even just chatting through the form of messenger had the opportunity to receive channeled guidance through my own spiritual tools and abilities. As a writer like my Self who is Spiritually Awakened, Can you speak about how significantly your journey touches you within your life and how it affects your writings? How does writing lyrics or poetry resonate with the unfolding of your SOUL’s blueprint to inspire others?

Rob: It’s natural, actually. Like breathing. Sometimes it’s like a faucet is turned on and the writing comes out effortlessly. I often return to stuff I have written and ask myself, “I wrote this”. Or see some internal rhyming done on autopilot, along with double meanings. Almost like something/someone was channeling through me. The words come out feeling like “home”. Like they belong. They ARE. And I get this calming for me not to try to understand how it works, just trust it. Just let it flow, and transmit the message. There’s someone that is meant to read it. Maybe not at that moment, but it will find them when it’s time.

LLFtMS: Can you share an experience of how your writing has transcended or shifted you from an old perception to a new perception that may have raised your vibrations, in addition to you becoming aware of something that required healing or provided healing to you?

Rob: I got to a point where I was just writing for me as an outlet so I wasn’t bottling things up. Now the journey has become/is my life. But I’m also still taking it all in and processing it. I was shut off to it for 30+ years  because I was programmed with that Western type thinking that our 5 senses are the extent of us being able to perceive the world. That there’s nothing else beyond sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell. Now science, particularly quantum mechanics, is catching up to the ancient wisdom of the Eastern philosophies and religions.

I am getting to where I’m not saying, “I have a feeling”, and saying,   “I know” instead. And I know my writing is what I’m supposed to be doing to reach other people and spark inspiration in them to do the same thing. I might not ever sell a bunch of books or be well known for my writing, but I know I will create a few sparks that will help set the world on fire. My voice alone won’t change the world, but it WILL be in the choir that does one day. The more I do this the more I see how connected everything is. And I still got a good ways to go but I’m eager.

LLFtMS: What do you do during times of experiencing “writers block”? Can you include tips or advice for others who may experience writers block?

Rob: You have to forgive me for this answer being short. Step away from it. Don’t force it. Find something that takes your mind completely off of it.

If I spend time trying to get around the block, it becomes this entity that’s fighting against me. So my routine is ignore it so it loses interest in me. I don’t acknowledge it. I don’t give it life. There may be a reason for the block at that moment. Maybe there’s some insight to be found somewhere else that adds to  your writing.

Soooo, what block?I like New Kids On The Block

Oohhhhh…😍😍 Jenny from the block😍😍

Rob Clark 2

Writers Block is the body’s way of showing an individual that their internal energies are “out of balance”, and that healing and releasing of a fixed limitation is required or necessary. Like a deep-rooted trigger that cannot be seen – hiding within an individual’s internal shadow. “Shadow-work”. Writers Block stems from the Sacral Chakra being out of alignment and the energy being out of balance. This creates an energetic blockage, halting the energy from flowing and rising upwards. There are significant ways of working with the Sacral Chakra to release old negative energy no longer meant for the individual to be holding into for new energy to be pulled in allowing the blockage to be released and energy to flow. As an Integrative Energy Practitioner and Healer, I am able to offer my services to those who are interested in working with their internal energy and environment through Mentoring & Meditation, which are client sessions working on personal internal energies of their vibrational environment. These sessions help one to work with their chakras, sensing, feeling, seeing, cleansing, releasing, healing, balancing and getting back into alignment, which assists the individual move forward in good health and healing within their life. Healing sessions allow an individual to touch their SOUL more intimately and deeply to shift from being stuck and stagnant into transcendence and rising higher. Working to dissolve writers block for creativity to begin to flow once again.

LLFtMS: Rob, Do you have any awareness or musings as to what the future may hold for you in moving forward? Maybe a book in the works? What are your own inspiring motivations for your Self that will allow you to utilize the unfolding blueprint of your SOUL to take your writing to a higher vibration for higher experiences for your Self? 

Rob: I am seriously thinking about pulling the trigger on a book. Just a small collection of poetry I’ve written and see how that goes. I don’t think it’ll ever become a full time job. I just enjoy what I do for a living to ever stop doing that. I’ve got 20 years invested in remodeling houses, and a LOT of pride in it. I’ve also been investing a lot of time and money in the my music thing the last 5 years. Educating myself more in the areas of sound design, sound proofing, music theory, mixing and mastering. Piece by piece, buying studio equipment and software and establishing a homebase for it online via

All the pieces will fall into place in 2020…new year/new visions.

I’ll reach more people with the music as an expansion.

LLFtMS: Would you like to provide your social media accounts so that those who are interested in following you will be able to easily find you?

Rob:  I have 3 accounts on Twitter: @OldSchoolRob197 @HangryPoet197 @ClarkBlank. The reason for 3? I like to write to prompts on different hashtags, and sometimes I do so from 3 different perspectives, often creating dialogue between the different ‘personalities’
IG: ClarkBlank197
Facebook: OldSchoolRob1975

LLFtMS: Last but not least – is there a poem of yours that you would like to share to provide others a taste of your work that I may incorporate to close our discussion?

I call her,

A tattoo
on her collar bone,
and her dried ink
on my page.

Things that
in my bed.

A poem stirs
the voice heard
in my head,
choice words
to be read…
to be said…

I spill words
that yield thirst.
This is the Real her
Eyes climb
from behind
her Turkish Blend.
The Ink on her skin
of the Dreams
she keeps within
A Flower
in her hair
to remind her,
she’s Wild,
& timeless

in Bloom
& I’m fully consumed

inside it

in desire’s web
A fire is bred
The passions
carry “wrongs”
& we don’t have
very long,
The spider’s
must be

Sin soakened
Sensuous lips
I can’t outswim her reeling me in
for me to begin
peeling away
her cindering cinnamon skin

A sultry night
with a full moon
Under which
she blossoms & blooms

Beautiful pieces!

Writing is a gift, yet it is not a “gift” of whether we are deserving or worthy to have it or not.  On a Spiritual level gift = TOOL! A tool is something that is activated within our reserves to be utilized to inspire others – to shine our LIGHT! No different than my Channeling and psychic TOOLS and abilities. Writing is a COLOR within our aura, originating within the SOUL and emanating into the aura. As we develop and amplify our skill – this color becomes brighter and brighter. The more we do with our tools – the color becomes sparkly and iridescent.

DO NOT LIMIT YOUR SELF IN WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR TOOLS AND ABILITIES! You are not meant to hold onto it in fear or greed. The RIGHT action of utilizing our TOOLS and abilities is to transcend the ego, to go as far was we can with developing and amplifying our TOOLS to be an inspiration to the SELF and humanity. The purpose of humanity within this lifetime is to transcend the ego to SHINE their LIGHT, within servitude of inspiring, healing and SHINING our LIGHT for others to LIGHT their own FLAME.

I’d like to Thank Rob for being a part of the blog, “Love Letters For the MAGICAL SOUL”. It has been a pleasure sharing this time with you and allowing the readers to get to know you and hear your voice through your words. While this may be my first interview piece, I feel as though you provided a very beautiful side of your SOUL for us to take a peek into. Writing leads to many things, most importantly, it will activate the colors of your SOUL to rise. Colors becoming the ink which dribbles onto paper or words typed into the ether. Beautiful things manifest when TOUCHING the SOUL, allowing the blueprint to unfold.

Thank you to the readers and followers of my blog “Love Letters For the MAGICAL SOUL”. Please feel free to email me @ with any questions, comments or suggestions for future discussions that you would be interested in reading about. My website for Channeled Readings, SOUL Guidance &  Healing or Mentoring & Meditation Services.






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