I REMEMBER CRETE (GREECE)… like it was yesterday. If I were to express the same and exact image that I had witnessed for myself during my experiences there along the Mediterranean in 1992, well, a video of the rolling sea water coming in through the shore… is exactly the very image that I’d have to create. I always wondered why Spirit had led me there at the ripe ‘ol age of 18. As a new high school graduate from Nordonia – “Nordopia” as we called it – I was lost. I suffered tremendously from depression (especially from the last 2 years of that HELL HOLE of a so-called education).
As to how I got through it, I don’t know. But I was able to pull through. I’m not going to go into too much detail concerning those times, but (yes) NUMBNESS were those very days of my beginnings. And as I type this blurp (within the “wee” hours of the night) within the digital archives of social media and also within the memories of my own blog, BLOG WITH REAL REVOLUTION RADIO, the feelings of sadness and “lost” fill me as a reminder of my very beginnings. For this, I am humbled by all my blessings – The Light. For, how are we to know of such Light unless we can truly experience our darkness. Then (within my youth) I didn’t know a damn thang!!! – Not a single thing!!! I was uninspired, less-wisdom-filled, and in the utmost “oh” so very GREEN! All the dips and falls ever since then was the true education in my life. Essentially, I don’t really think that anyone truly knows what I had experienced during those days, except for my last wife. Well, that’s another story in and of itself. But we’ll just leave that for another day of storytelling.
Despite all the bullshit, I would do it all again to get back to this very place that I find myself in – PEACE! But, yes, (today) I now understand that it was a download for me in Crete – a seed of sorts implanted within my spirit (dormant) until it sprouted for the very first time in 2011 when it was triggered and sparked up by the higher frequencies of the RED ROCK. I remember when I visited one particular cave in Crete where Zeus was supposedly birthed. Back then, I was clueless to its prevalence but still was able to feel the significance of such a place. Then (in 1993), when I and my military service buddies visited the Parthenon shortly before my tour of duty ended there in the Mediterranean as a Senior Airman in the Air Force, I then began to realize what the Ancients had also seen from that very peak – the heir of The Mystery Schools of Delphi.
Who would have ever known that the Spirit of Pythagorus would return to me within the pages of my memoir. This book that I had written and published back in 2013 has truly proven for itself to hold the very essence of my imprint here, on the earthly plane. It’s a template. Often when I get lost within the now, I frequently revisit that blessing of a book. I have learned that we must re-read the very books that we have written. Many times than not, authors forget to do so. As for me, sometimes we have to sit back and remember. Reflection is vital to specific situations. Sometimes it is healing. Such is so especially within this case. In remembrance, it feels (once more) as if it had happened just seconds ago – the essence of Delphi – the inspiration of PYTHAGORUS. It’s as clear as day. I could hear the people around me. The sounds were evocative. The smells were amazing!!! The feeling – so magical. And all-in-all, I remembered that very moment when that memory had come back to me, the memory of that day on the Parthenon in the mainland of Greece, when I was walking through the portal ways and peaks of the ancient lost city of Machu Picchu, Peru.
I literally got lost within that city, held high within the clouds of the mystical Andean mountain peaks. A voice tucked in within the inner depths of my own psyche’ told me… that this was so. Once more, I literally got lost. But it was a different kind of lost, in comparison to those difficult and trying years in Nordopia. I got lost further from within – within SELF. The more I journeyed deeper into the inner corridors of this Ancient Sacred City, the deeper I traveled into the secretive most hidden depths of my sacred sense of higher being. At least once in everyone’s life, you have to visit at least one SACRED and ancient civilization. It is a must. To travel back into time to such places… heals. This is exactly what makes being human so very ULTRA-dynamic and alchemical – the Power to Heal. The majority of us have forgotten this innermost and sacred human skill in prowess. Yes, we have forgotten. But, yes, we have to remember. In many portions of our lives, the many chapters, we encompass the essence of many totems. In the now, within this time and space of the TIMELINE, the Totem of the Turtle calls out to me. It has been calling out to me for the last three years now.
But within this particular moment, I am answering yes to this Animal Spirit. This is exactly what my Spirit is calling for. There is a necessity, even more so now, to tuck away within my inner-most self, to taking it slow, and (most importantly) to reflect. We must be grateful for the life that was given in tandem to what was manifested into being, from Spirit. Not only must we be aware of the chaos of which surrounds us, but we must also be resilient. This is the essence of such a totem. These are the times to encompass and REMEMBER… our truest and Higher Selves. Wirakocha.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ayala Nunez is a Registered Nurse, specializing in Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Recovery, and is a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield). Ayala is also a conceptual quantum mechanic, a podcaster, author, an alternative thinker, controversial theorist, prolific writer and blogger, and a proponent for ancient archeology and parallel reality research. Additionally, Ayala is the host of many podcast radio talk shows, including Quantum Mindfulness Radio 2.0 and The Q-Anon Chronicles: Behind the Global Reset. Ayala Nunez is the Executive Producer and Founder of a prominent podcast radio network (created in 2015), called REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.O: The Number #1 Source for Motivational Author Interviews, Intuitive Blog, and Inspirational Podcast Radio On-Demand. Within the World of Awakening, Ayala is also known for writing his quite jarring, but well-researched “Red Pill Blog Article”, entitled NESARA AND THE GLOBAL RESET, which explains much of what had occurred behind-the-scenes in 2020, a truly unforgettable year of TRUTH, CLARITY, & REVELATION! After experiencing a year of unparalleled coincidences and such profound synchronicity, many will reflect to look back and ask upon that question in a Post-Apocalyptic World: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN 2020

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