MY EXPERIMENT FROM A FEW YEARS AGO was one where I took a mere small sampling of snow, just from my front yard, and heated it with a lighter. The results of my findings revealed that the residue from the snow was synthetic, possessed a rather distinct rubberized odor and portrayed properties which were far distinct from what water and snow were anticipated to show, especially from this experiment. This comes to show either that they (The Cabal and/or the Powers-That-May-Be) have been spraying our skies with so much synthetic SHIT in order to terra-form our “once-present” organic existence into what a growing population of people have been warning us about.
And this particular warning is the threat of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and that of the Transhumanistic Agenda which will lead Humanity into what has been termed as-of-late… as SINGULARITY: The Manufactured Merging of Man & Machine (in the flesh) and in Consciousnness. Many experts predict that the Genesis of this potentiality in actually happening into existence will occur in the year 2045.
The other DISTURBING and mind-bending alternative to deeply consider is that reality in-and-of-itself is one big “manufactured” scientific lab experiment to harness or entrap human souls from reaching HEAVEN. This is the reason for KARMA and in why and when we pass from this life, our souls are recycled into other life embodiments to continue to feed into this never-ending cyclical MATRIX or program of sorts as an energetic fuel source for a hidden and very disturbing AGENDA or Entity. And “YES” I did say entity.

In other words, we are living in a synthetically manufactured artificial program – HELL AS YOU MAY REFER TO IT! And this video could possibly and merely exemplify one of the many smaller and slightly minuscule hiccups or “blurps” within this so-called PROGRAM. And if this is the case, then who is the developer or programmer of this artificial existence? I most certainly do not have the ANSWERS but I do (indeed) possess many many questions.
And one of them is this: could the maker be “the fallen one” (himself)? This could possibly explain why this existence is indeed the Matrix of HELL that I briefly hinted earlier. HEAVEN is most certainly not (here) on Earth. Leaders of many Faiths have made several series of educational references to this: One day HEAVEN will exist (here) on Earth. Pay special attention to the root of their linguistics “will”. Heaven “will” one day exist (here) on earth – ONE DAY! It just doesn’t exist NOW!
All-in-All, the true reality of things could possibly lead to the fact that the answer lies within both of these scenarios: The Mixing of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), Transhumanism and the highly secretive Luciferian Agenda.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aramu Muru is a Registered Nurse, specializing in Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Recovery, and is a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield). Aramu is also a podcaster, an author, an alternative thinker, a controversial theorist, prolific writer, blogger, an ancient archeology and cryptocurrency enthusiast, and the executive producer and founder of one of the most highly-esteemed podcast radio networks on planet earth today!

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