“When you combine the two variants (Delta + Omicron) what do you get? Well, there are many variants, but the targets of media-frenzy focus are found coincidentally enough within the Greek Alphabet: DELTA (Triangle) and OMICRON (Circle). And when you put them together, what you get is a Pagan alchemical symbol which magically establishes a coven to summon and control a specific demon. As to what this demon is and to what it’s purpose consists of, it is undetermined at this point. But this is what I have found in the interim from my own research when one of my dear friends Jodie Skellie had brought forth the discoveries for which online Youtuber and Christian influencer, Amanda Grace, had uncovered, through the Holy Spirit. Then, I came across some other online links to the breadcrumb trail, with other interesting research performed by Catherine Beyer and Cameron Moore, concerning the symbology of these two variants. But, I am most certainly for sure that there are other more definitive markers to this elaborate breadcrumb trail to truth. The rabbit trail goes deep. And so, as a proponent to Systems Theory and to true Investigative Journalism, I’ve provided for you the following information and their intuitive LINKS to start you off on your own journey to Salvation, along the path to parasitic deliverance from this global demon mind control of sorts.” ~Ayala Nunez


“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead, EXPOSE THEM!” ~Ephesians 5:11

PROPHETIC DECODE, THE GREEK ALPHABET, SYMBOLS, VARIABLES, AND THE SEQUENCE by Amanda Grace Talks (Amanda Grace Ministries) https://youtu.be/L5S6DW9UBCA

WHAT DOES SQUARING THE CIRCLE MEAN? by Catherine Beyer (Updated on January 16, 2019) https://www.learnreligions.com/squaring-the-circle-96039

“In Euclidean geometry, squaring the circle was a long-standing mathematical puzzle that was proved impossible in the 19th century. The term also has been used as a symbol in alchemy, particularly in the 17th century, and it has a metaphorical meaning: attempting anything that seems impossible.

Mathematics and Geometry: According to mathematicians, ‘squaring the circle’ means to construct for a given circle a square with the same area as the circle. The trick is to do so using only a compass and a straightedge. The devil is in the details:

First of all we are not saying that a square of equal area does not exist. If the circle has area A, then a square with side [square root of] A clearly has the same area. Secondly, we are not saying that [it] is impossible, since it is possible, but not under the restriction of using only a straightedge and compass.

Meaning in Alchemy: A symbol of a circle within a square within a triangle within a larger circle began to be used in the 17th century to represent alchemy and the philosopher’s stone, which is the ultimate goal of alchemy. The philosopher’s stone, which was sought for centuries, was an imaginary substance that alchemists believed would change any base metal into silver or gold.

There are illustrations that include a squaring the circle design, such as one in Michael Maier’s book “Atalanta Fugiens,” first published in 1617. Here a man is using a compass to draw a circle around a circle within a square within a triangle. Within the smaller circle are a man and a woman, the two halves of our nature that are supposedly brought together through alchemy.

Philosophical Meaning: Philosophically and spiritually, to square the circle means to see equally in four directions—up, down, in, and out—and to be whole, complete, and free.

Circles often represent the spiritual because they are infinite—they have no end. The square is often a symbol of the material because of the number of physical things that come in fours, such as four seasons, four directions, and the four physical elements—earth, air, fire, and water, according to ancient Greek philosopher Empedocles—not to mention its solid appearance.

The union of man and woman in alchemy is a merging of spiritual and physical natures. The triangle is then a symbol of the resulting union of body, mind, and soul.

In the 17th century, squaring the circle had not yet been proved impossible. However, it was a puzzle no one had been known to solve. Alchemy was viewed very similarly: It was something few if any had ever fully completed. The study of alchemy was as much about the journey as the goal, as no one might ever actually forge a philosopher’s stone.

Metaphorical Meaning: The fact that no one was ever able to square the circle explains its use as a metaphor, meaning to attempt to complete a seemingly impossible task, such as finding world peace. It is different from the metaphor of attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole, which implies two things are inherently incompatible.” ~Catherine Beyer

THE TRIANGLE WITHIN A CIRCLE – WHAT DOES THIS SYMBOL MEAN by Cameron Moore https://howchimp.com/triangle-with-circle-inside/

“Have you seen the supernatural horror movie titled ‘Paranormal Activity 3?’ If yes, you’re most likely familiar with that triangle symbol featured in the movie and its sequels. But what exactly is that symbol featuring a triangle with a circle inside? What does this symbol mean?

A thaumaturgic triangle refers to the symbol with a circle and triangle. The movie ‘Paranormal Activity’ featured this symbol. In the movie, a coven used it to summon and, at the same time, control a demon.

THE DEATHLY HALLOWS (HARRY POTTER): However, the film adaptation of the novel ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ also featured a triangle symbol with a circle in the middle. But this time, it is a triangle with a circle and line representing the Deathly Hallows.

A Thaumaturgic Triangle is a symbol with a triangle and a circle. The movie ‘Paranormal Activity’ featured this symbol. In the movie, the coven used it to summon and, at the same time, control a demon.

However, in the film adaptation of the fiction book ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,’ this symbol represents the Deathly Hallows.

Let’s discuss both of these symbols. Let’s start with the paranormal activity, meaning of a triangle with a circle inside it.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: What does the triangle with a circle inside mean, according to the Paranormal Activity film? The story of the movie ‘Paranormal Activity’ begins with the characters named Katie and Micah. They set up several cameras in different parts of the haunted house.

True enough, they are living in a haunted house, but the truth turns out to be darker than they can ever imagine. The suspense and interesting plot of the movie led to its sequels and prequels.

In its prequel, the film revealed that the grandmother of Katie made a deal with a coven of witches. She agreed to allow a demon to take the soul of her first-born son in exchange for wealth and power. In ‘Paranormal Activity 3,’ a triangle symbol with a circle inside made its debut. It represents the demon that has taken the soul of the first-born son named Toby.

Again, the Thaumaturgic Triangle is the name of that symbol. Witches use this symbol to summon and control the demon. The Paranormal Activity sequels show this symbol as well.

THE THAUMATURGIC TRIANGLE: The Thaumaturgic Triangle is a powerful symbol for evoking energies. The term Thaumaturgy originates from the Greek terms thauma and ergon. Thauma means wonder, while ergon means work. The three points that make up this symbol represent the Arcane, the Divine, and the Magical. It is particularly effective in the evocation of magic and in conjuring energies. You will also see this being used in Wiccan circles wherein it represents the first-degree initiation and, at the same time, it is a Solomonic symbol of protection.

There is, however, some inconsistency in its representation. At times, you can see the triangle inside the circle, while sometimes, the triangle is the one enclosing the circle.

THAUMATURGY: Thaumaturgy refers to the alleged capability of magicians to perform magic or any other paranormal activities. The term also refers to the purported capability of saints to perform miracles. At times, some call this wonderworking. A person who practices thaumaturgy is a thaumaturgist, thaumaturge, or thaumaturgus. But in layman’s terms, they are miracle workers.

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: The Deathly Hallows symbol from the ‘Harry Potter’ movie series has amazingly become a modern icon. You have probably seen merchandise featuring the symbol of a triangle with a circle and line. In fact, you will see people tattooed with this symbol. There are also fashion jewelry pieces featuring this symbol.

In the documentary movie, ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic,’ famous author J.K. Rowling revealed the connection between the Deathly Hallows symbol and the 1975 film titled ‘The Man Who Would Be King.’

The ‘Man Who Would Be King’ featured a Masonic symbol playing a significant role in the movie. As Rowling was watching it, she realized how the symbol greatly resembles the Deathly Hallows symbol.

She explained that the Masonic symbol was most likely in her subconscious when she came up with the Deathly Hallows symbol. However, she only realized this when she watched ‘The Man Who Would Be King’ repeatedly.” ~Cameron Moore

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ayala Nunez is a former New Age writer and producer, bringing awareness to his story on how he experienced and encompassed the bulk of variable manipulative spiritual practices, theologies, concepts and influences, within the world of the New Age, in search for Truth. But, along that darkened journey, he later encountered Revelation, once he began to walk away from this elusive and deceptive mind-control trap! He discovered, not only the path to “The Way” on his homecoming voyage back to the True Messiah, Yahusha Hamashiach, but he also uncovered the root beginnings of paganism (Ancient Babylonia) implanted deeply throughout many institutional spiritualities of the world, the very same root foundation of proverbial New Age Theosophy. From this, he soon realized that the true pandemic of our times is none the viral, from what it may seem on the surface, but rather it is something which contributes more to that of a parasitic conundrum. And because of this, his investigative journalism has led him hot-on-the-trail to that very mystery, from whence this symbiotic infestation had originally infiltrated the storyline of Humanity, since the Garden. Ayala has evolved from New Age influencer… to prolific Christian and Hebrew Bible Researcher… and to now a “Revealer of Truths”. Ayala Nunez is the creator of his viral network blog, called “Walk Away From the New Age”, and is the host of his paradigm-shattering “Set-Apart” influenced podcast, called Quintessential Mark Radio 2.0 (QMR 2.0): The New Age Recovery Chronicles. Additionally, Ayala is the Executive Producer and Founder of R3TV MINISTRIES LLC: The Rise of the Qodeshim – The Number #1 Source for True-to-Life Investigative Journalism, Mental Health and Wellness, and True “Scripture-Based” Broadcast On-Demand…

MY DISCLAIMER: “Always remember, when one adds to and perhaps even takes away from the Tanakh, as true followers of Adonai (the Remnant abound), we must persistently question with gifted discernment the deceptive doctrines for which faulty prophets and false apostles preach (Deuteronomy 4:2). Thus, this rather revealing discovery explains the foundations of what lies behind the very nature of what elusively ravages this earthly human domain, from what can only be described at its best (in Hebrew) as Dybbuk: The Elusive Subtlety of Demonic Deception! As once a former New Age influencer, I have experienced for myself the several ways in how vulnerable seekers of truth can be so easily led astray from the mark to salvation, to the path of that authentic and legitimate Truth. Thus, the main aim of this announcement lies upon, not only placing righteous judgement upon questionable and manipulative practices (John 7:24), but in also exposing from amidst its venomous hierarchy, the nefarious agenda of the fallen and the devilish deeds of their own succubus. In helping to assist us to disengage from human parasitic deliverance, the creation of this broadcast is intended for the sake and sincerity of producing righteously-influenced outcomes, under the guidance of the Spirit of our Dear Father, in obedience. Thus, this podcast, blog, and/or social media post is not meant to portray any notion of condemnation towards any-one-soul, institution, or group in particular, but rather possesses the sincere intention with humility to share my own testimony from what I’ve encountered in Revelation through the Grace of our dear Father (The Most High Adonai), our Father as the Savior (Yahusha Hamaschiach), our Father within His Divine Spirit (The Ruach Ha’Qodesh), and our Father through His Holy Word (The Tanakh), all as ‘One’ and none the separate (Deuteronomy 6:4). And when we (the select apart) are to do so, to uphold and honor His Name, with such endearing and unrelenting praise, we free ourselves absolutely from any principality, deeply founded upon its own wickedness. From this, such forces of necromancy, whom endorse the fallacy of elusive doctrine and ideology, shall not sustain dominion over the Might of the Most High, whom solely vindicates that proper Authority! This is all done in loyalty with utmost respect for the Glory of our Almighty Creator – the One and Only True Elohim. Abba (אבא) please do not forsake us, but forgive us and deliver us from all worldly deceit. We, the Watchmen, are repentant to You, loyal, and obedient to Your All-Powerful Name – Yahuah (יהוה) is One!” ~Ayala Nunez, Executive Producer and Founder of R3TV MINISTRIES LLC

NOTE: Based in the high desert from amidst the uncontested beauty found within the Valley of Phoenix (Arizona), R3TV Ministries LLC is a podcast video network, an online fellowship, created to provide the Good News to the world – The Glory of Our Almighty Father! And as this online presence continues, through time-tested Testimony, to open the eyes of so many, whom have been lost to the ways of the world through the New Age and other ancient pagan influences, this faith-based ministry’s all-encompassing mission lies upon spreading indeed the Moral Code of Righteousness derived from the roots of the vine of original Mosaic Law (The Tanakh) – The True Living Word of the Most High, to all whom seek His Name. From within Providence, what the select “set apart” shall reveal, will (not only be the manipulative mind control of Ancient Babylonia which still infiltrates all walks of life on earth today), but there is still another Truth, which is meticulously ordained to the Remnant. This Revelation lies within it, the responsibility of the End Times Qodeshim (The Natsarim) to uphold, honor, protect, and to creatively minister original sacred “Hebraic” Text. And as the lamps of the Qodeshim are filled with the infinitesimal Light of the most high Aluah, may that same illumination be revealed to those whom seek the Truth, whilst desiring to continually walk, speak, breathe and to live… in Torah.

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