“ANCIENT AMERICA (AMARUCA)… holds an underlying Luciferian (demonic) past which possesses secretive-encoded connections to the Nephilm (Giants) and the Fallen Ones. Ladies and gentlemen, as responsible Truthers, we must dig deeper to the REAL AND UNADULTERATED TRUTH!

And (listen) this truth holds a hidden past, but in the now, I am revealing to you the gift of its decoding. People in general, let alone Influencers, can no longer afford to be misguided. Much of the megalithic structures that we often go ‘googoo gaga’ over… with such tremendous amount of wonder… are indeed Nephilm technology, which distracts us ultimately from THE GLORY OF GOD.

The designers of these megalithic structures lead directly to the trail of the Nephilm demi-gods. And when we are talking about such wonders of megalithomania, we are speaking about the likes of Saqsayhuaman (Peru), Teotihuacan (Mexico), Machu Picchu (Andes), The Great Serpent Mound (Peebles, Ohio), The Great Pyramids of Giza (Egypt), Castillo de Kukulcán (Chichén Itzá, Yucatán), and The Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl (Tula), just to name a few. The out-of-the-ordinary size, the ridiculous and unbelievable proportions, and the extraordinarily-designed technology of some of these builds possesses the ingenuity, not by the very fingerprint of man, but rather by the characteristics of another Biblical anomaly – The Nephilm Kings (The Giants).

Some Ancient Archeologists, not all, fascinate and glamorize over the demon, when instead we need to EXPOSE the demon! Many of these temples and pyramids are nothing more than demonic tools, utilized in nefarious ways, used similarly like THE TOWER OF BABEL (Another Jacobs Ladder). Additionally, they are used for blood sacrifice to glorify Satan and the hierarchy of demons – to deify Satan and defy GOD THE MOST HIGH!

The blueprint of meso-American and Egyptian temples and pyramids were thought-out carefully and quite accordingly with main intention to reach Third Heaven on their own whim (through serpentine taught Babylonian ‘self-focused’ theosophy), to be performed in such a way which requires no particular need for GOD ALMIGHTY. But truth be told, we do indeed NEED GOD!



Essentially, it comes down to this, the truth must be exposed in order to allow Humanity to be freed from the real SLAVERY, the lies, distractions and manipulations derived from the Serpent (A.K.A. THE DRAGON). These are times indeed where we are required to repent.


Choose Satan, choose death! It’s just as simple as that! Regardless, it’s not only about Free Will, it’s also about Obedience and Loyalty to the ONE TRUE GOD, OUR ALMIGHTY CREATOR! Once more, choose Life! Choose Wisely!” ~Ayala Nunez

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ayala Nunez is a Registered Nurse, specializing in Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Recovery, and is a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield). Ayala is a former New Age Writer and Producer, bringing awareness to his story in how he has journeyed through several spiritual modalities in search of TRUTH. But along that search, he discovered the WORD OF GOD! Ayala has evolved from New Age Influencer to now a humbled investigative journalist on his path to Clarity, Peace, and Christ! Through the instrument of Ayala’s Testimony in sharing his story in how he has walked away from the peak of the New Age Movement, others with similar experiences have also awakened to the Miracle of GOD’S GLORY AND GRACE, as more and more people are touched and inspired by the Miracle of the Holy Spirit to walk away indeed from the New Age Deception. Furthermore, Ayala Nunez is the creator of his Viral Network Blog, called WALK AWAY FROM THE NEW AGE, and is the host of his newly rebranded Christian-influenced Podcast, called Quantum Mindfulness Radio 2.0: The Tiny Desktop Vlog. Additionally, Ayala is the Executive Producer and Founder of REAL REVOLUTION RADIO TV: The Number #1 Source for Real Investigative Journalism, Mental Health and Wellness, and Quality (Non-Traditional) Christian Broadcasting On-Demand…

This posting is not meant to portray any notion of judgement nor condemnation towards any-one-soul in particular, but rather possesses the sincere intention with humility to share my testimony from what I’ve discovered through GOD’S GRACE the Revelations blessed upon to me to Truth and Clarity which explains the foundations of what lies behind the very nature of this Earth Realm Reality (2 Corinthians 4:4). As once a former New Age influencer, myself, I have encountered the many ways in how vulnerable seekers of truth can be so easily led astray from the mark to salvation, indeed, from such Revelations to the path of that Truth. Thus, the main aim of this post lies upon, not only placing righteous judgement (John 7:24, ESV), but in also exposing the nefarious agenda of the demon and the fallen ones, from amidst its own hierarchy. And this is all done intentionally for the sake and sincerity of producing more encouraging and positively-influenced outcomes under the Guidance and Grace of the Holy Spirit, which can be derived and attributed to the actual act of human parasitic deliverance from the principalities of darkness. From this, such principalities hold no dominion nor authority over the POWER AND GLORY AND GRACE OF THE ALMIGHTY. Only our GOD OF THE MOST HIGH… holds that proper AUTHORITY. This is all done in obedience and in loyalty for the Glory of the ALMIGHTY (THE ONE TRUE GOD). In Yahushua’s Name ~Amen

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