OUR NEW MISSION STATEMENT by Ayala Nunez, Executive Producer and Founder of R3TV Ministries

“But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Messiah, Yahusha Hamaschiach, to testify to the Gospel of the Grace of Yahuah.” ~Hebrews 13:7

“The Path to Truth has always been one concern of primary focus when it comes to the Human condition. And what we will find along the way to that Truth, is not only our connection to the Most High, but many obstacles (indeed) which may hamper the many ways we are guided to Truth and the Father. In such a deceptive landscape (such as ours), where illusion, distraction, hidden agendas, and viral mis-information runs so severely rampant within this world, all that we will ever need as a solution, is mere simplicity.

‘These things I have spoken to you, that in ME you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.’ ~John 16:33

Within this case, we are speaking about Yahusha Hamaschiach, the Most High mad manifest within the flesh. When we yield to the Ruach Ha’Qodesh of our Almighty Creator, in absolute trust and faith, is exactly when the ‘Most High’ shows out, in all of His Glory! As we journey towards that common denominator of Truth, there is a responsibility that we must bring back, as Ambassadors of the Messiah. And that ancient Code of Honor is Righteousness, through the Word of Yahuah- (The Tanakh). As true Followers of the Messiah, The Way (The Natsarim), we must usher-back the mind-set of this Ancient Moral Code. And by, not only reading and speaking the ‘Word’, but by also living according to this Truth, we can ultimately be blessed and ordained by the appropriated eyes to better see and the rightened ears to know, with improving and evolving discernment, which is key.

“For you are a holy people unto Yahuah Elohayka: Yahuah Elohayka has chosen you to be a special people unto Himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” ~Deuterotomy 7:6

‘But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness and into His marvelous light.’ ~1 Peter 2:9

This is our main aim of focus, to providing awareness in that we must abide by this specific moral code (The Law of Adonai) within all aspects of our lives to consider, along this journey to the purity of Salvation. R3TV MINISTRIES LLC is an open Bible-based platform (where the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament are tested accordingly to True Doctrine). Additionally, it is a Good News Broadcasting Network providing Investigative Analysis, Tools to Mental Health and Wellness, and quality Bible-Based Broadcasting On-Demand.

“So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.” ~Isaiah 55:11

The activity of focus performed accordingly within this organization, R3TV Ministries LLC, is (once more) Bible-based in nature in helping to spread the Good Word of our dear Father, through online educational video podcasts. And I simply cannot emphasize this enough – The importance of possessing a Bible-based platform, especially so within the Tanakh (The Hebrew Bible) when managing a faith-based organization such as this, is essential and most certainly key in, not only guiding ourselves to Salvation and in understanding what is happening within this world (let alone within our own lives), but in also being provided with the capacity to discern right and wrong. The source for which we hold true and dear is indeed “The Tanakh”, for it is the Word of the Original Covenant which holds the keys to Yahuah’s True Message. From this, the Tanakh is the ultimate Gauge, our Moral Compass, thus the Perfect Navigational Tool to guide us through the Seas of Deception and Corruption.

‘Judge not unrighteously, that ye be not judged; but judge righteous judgment.’ ~Mathew 7:1-5

The New Testament was written between 60-100. And it was influenced politically between the Alexanders, the Flavians (Roman Empire), and the Herods (a Familial link to King Herod who wanted Yahushua Hamaschiach dead from the very get-go). These three very powerful families broke bread with one another. The Alexanders financed the publishing of The New Testament (TNT) and the Herods and the Flavians provided the political control which also eat-marked the marketing for the distribution of The New Testament. The New Testament is filled with a significant amount of contradictive inconsistencies, against the Teachings of Christ and the Law of Adonai.

The main premise of our Mission Statement lies upon providing Seekers of Truth a few guidelines to consider of which do not hold any particular weight, as far as it pertains to the ways of the world in popularity. And one of those revelations of which have been revealed to the very Followers of the Way, conclude that the “Church” has veered far from the true teachings and Hebrew concepts of the Bible, from where it all began. Christianity has been indoctrinated with the culture and beliefs of Greek and Roman philosophy and ultimately with your modern-day biblical Christianity, taught in churches at the very present. The Church has been corrupted with a pagan imitation of the New Testament gospels, essentially an extreme Hellenized version far from the original Hebraic text. As we must always hold True with Biblical Scripture, as our Moral Code of Righteousness, we must never add onto nor takeaway from it, The Law of God. Christ’s death on the cross did not end the Mosaic Covenant, but instead renewed it, expanded its message, and had written that very message within the hearts and minds of its true followers, the Qodeshim. Thus, the true followers of the Most High Adonai teach that the understanding of the New Testament can only come from the origins of a Hebrew perspective and that the teachings of literally half of ‘The New Testament (NT)’ are that of a different gospel and spirit, not from that of the true Messiah, Yahusha Hamaschiach. And of course, this is not taught by Christian pastors today. This becomes a subtle threat to the reliability of this text with our Bible study, specifically of the New Testament. If the Greek text, bibles based upon the Greek Septuagint, are unreliable and have definitely been corrupted, for which the evidence is steadily piling-up with profound increase, the Church no longer has a standard of truth. Yahusha Hamaschiach’s sacrifice and resurrection makes our eternal lives possible. He came in the flesh in the form of Man to reveal to humanity Our Dear Father, the Most High Adonai. Elohim is a personal Being of Supreme Love who wants you to be part of His family for all of eternity! This is all about relationship. It is of the utmost importance to study the entire Bible, from the Tanakh (The Old Testament) to the New Testament. But, many shall ask, ‘If the New Testament has been corrupted by the scribes and publishers of which Yahusha forwarned to us about, then why should we continue to read it?’ Well, the answer to that is clear. You can’t throw the baby along with the bath water. Regardless of the implication and of the several inconsistencies found within the NT, it is the entire storyline from beginning to end, from the Tanakh to the NT (from the Truth to the corruption) that we must know of, study and pray upon. Regardless, we of the Select Apart shall know the difference, blessed with discernment with eyes to better see and the ears to truly know (Matthew 13:16). We must be conscious to the fact that we are required to study with such discernment the entire Bible story which represents God’s full message to humanity. All Scripture—both Old and New Testaments—is very important (2 Timothy 3:16), and that the Word of God is Living and is the authoritative Code to live by, as accordingly aforementioned by the Natsarim (The Set Apart) – The Way!

“And he said, Yahuah came from Ciynai, and rose up from Se’iyr unto them; He shined forth from Mount Paran, and he came with ten thousands of his QODESHIM: from his right hand went a fiery law for them.” ~Deuteronomy 33:3 (Cepher)

These unique video broadcasts (produced exclusively by this network alone) will help to reflect life concerns and conditions, where Holy Scripture can be referenced and explained, to help people of all walks cope with everyday life dilemmas. And the reason why this is so very important to our mission, is because people are often confused, misled, and bewildered by how they are to legitimately approach life in such a higher regard. Once more, abiding by a moral code is essential, especially within these times. But when we are to ultimately understand that we must indeed abide by that Moral Code, the Hebrew Bible (The Tanakh), we can ultimately begin to clearly see how to live life to the fullest. We can begin to thrive with abundance and prosperity, under the Grace of the Ruach Ha’Qodesh of Yahuah, our Dear Father.

‘Then I looked, and behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with HIM one-hundred-fourty-four thousand, having his Father’s Name written upon their foreheads.’ ~Revelation 14:1

These “set apart” video podcasts, or online talk shows per-say, are hosted by broadcasters, who are also officers/directors within this institution, members of the board (Natsarim – Followers of the Way). And their Testimony along with the inspiring Testimony of their guests, for whom they invite to their shows, is so essential and key to establishing clear-cut results to finding Christ’s Teachings through parallels made along the way from within their own lives, whilst acknowledging and honoring Path of Torah.

To be exact, these podcasts are broadcasted online within the following platforms: Our Official Website, Our Network Blog, Our YouTube Channel, and other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Patreon, etc.) utilized together and in tandem, to enhance our outreach to people of need.

One-hundred percent of total time is allocated to the creation, editing, and marketing of these podcasts. Furthermore, this Christian online podcast network is funded by charitable donations and grants, whereby one-hundred percent of overall expenses are allocated to the video creation, editing and marketing of these educational podcasts. Additionally, the equipment, software, online tools, and marketing services utilized in the successful management and production of these high-quality broadcasts will include, but are not limited, to the following which will require periodic upgrading and enhancement in order to maintain our expectations for a higher quality standard of video production and marketing: (1)Computers (2)Computer Software (3)Online Software (3)Mixer Boards (4)Video Wiring (5)Microphones (6)Online Streaming Services (7)Social Media Services (8)Blogging Services (9)Domain Name Delivery (10)Email Account Management (11)Website Management (12)SEO Marketing and other Creative Marketing Strategies. Of course, running this Non-profit LLC will most certainly be a challenge, but with God’s Grace in Divine Guidance… all things are made possible, through Jesus Christ, who strengthens us. From this, I can absolutely trust with undeniable faith!

According to Psalm 19:7-11, Scripture states, “The Law of the Most High is perfect, reviving the soul; the Testimony of Adonai is sure, making wise the simple; the Precepts of Abba are right, rejoicing the heart; the Commandment of Yahuah is pure, enlightening the eyes; the Fear of our dear Father is clean, enduring forever. The Rules of Aluah are true, and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb. Moreover, by them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward.”

“From this, the Testimony of now a rising number of New Agers, on their return back to the True Messiah, is such a miracle to witness for myself! It only enthralls me more now than ever to do what the Most High has inspired for me to do: To expose this Babylonian Deception, not only within the New Age Community, but also within the several institutionalized spiritualities of the world! The rising number of people of whom this ministry has already touched, alone, is a miracle! It may not be in a viral sense of things where thousands are converted literally in an instant, but rather it is interesting enough to say that our message touches (indeed) that very special person, the Qodeshiym (the set apart) hand-selected just right by the Ruach Ha’Qodesh – The True Spirit of our Most High Adonai. And this all done for His Favor, within His Glory, to where the prophesied Remnant are also inspired in parallel (possessing the same exact Flame of Righteousness) to reaching out to the masses, in the name of Yahusha Hamashiach. Indeed, it’s most certainly a shared experience. Listen, with this said within heart, mind and soul, this is done all for the Glory of the Most High Elohim – DEAR FATHER WE GIVE PRAISE!” ~Ayala Nunez

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ayala Nunez is a former New Age writer and producer, bringing awareness to his story on how he experienced and encompassed the bulk of variable manipulative spiritual practices, theologies, concepts and influences, within the world of the New Age, in search for Truth. But, along that darkened journey, he later encountered Revelation, once he began to walk away from this elusive and deceptive mind-control trap! He discovered, not only the path to “The Way” on his homecoming voyage back to the True Messiah, Yahusha Hamashiach, but he also uncovered the root beginnings of paganism (Ancient Babylonia) implanted deeply throughout many institutional spiritualities of the world, the very same root foundation of proverbial New Age Theosophy. From this, he soon realized that the true pandemic of our times is none the viral, from what it may seem on the surface, but rather it is something which contributes more to that of a parasitic conundrum. And because of this, his investigative journalism has led him hot-on-the-trail to that very mystery, from whence this symbiotic infestation had originally infiltrated the storyline of Humanity, since the Garden. Ayala has evolved from New Age influencer… to prolific Christian and Hebrew Bible Researcher… and to now a “Revealer of Truths”. Ayala Nunez is the creator of his viral network blog, called “Walk Away From the New Age”, and is the host of his paradigm-shattering “Set-Apart” influenced podcast, called Quintessential Mark Radio 2.0 (QMR 2.0): The New Age Recovery Chronicles. Additionally, Ayala is the Executive Producer and Founder of R3TV MINISTRIES LLC: The Rise of the Qodeshim – The Number #1 Source for True-to-Life Investigative Journalism, Mental Health and Wellness, and True “Scripture-Based” Broadcast On-Demand….







DISCLAIMER: “Always remember, when one adds to and perhaps even takes away from the Tanakh, as true followers of Adonai (the Remnant abound), we must persistently question with gifted discernment the deceptive doctrines for which faulty prophets and false apostles preach (Deuteronomy 4:2). Thus, this rather revealing discovery explains the foundations of what lies behind the very nature of what elusively ravages this earthly human domain, from what can only be described at its best (in Hebrew) as Dybbuk: The Elusive Subtlety of Demonic Deception! As once a former New Age influencer, I have experienced for myself the several ways in how vulnerable seekers of truth can be so easily led astray from the mark to salvation, to the path of that authentic and legitimate Truth. Thus, the main aim of this announcement lies upon, not only placing righteous judgement upon questionable and manipulative practices (John 7:24), but in also exposing from amidst its venomous hierarchy, the nefarious agenda of the fallen and the devilish deeds of their own succubus. In helping to assist us to disengage from human parasitic deliverance, the creation of this broadcast is intended for the sake and sincerity of producing righteously-influenced outcomes, under the guidance of the Spirit of our Dear Father, in obedience. Thus, this podcast, blog, and/or social media post is not meant to portray any notion of condemnation towards any-one-soul, institution, or group in particular, but rather possesses the sincere intention with humility to share my own testimony from what I’ve encountered in Revelation through the Grace of our dear Father (The Most High Adonai), our Father as the Savior (Yahusha Hamaschiach), our Father within His Divine Spirit (The Ruach Ha’Qodesh), and our Father through His Holy Word (The Tanakh), all as ‘One’ and none the separate (Deuteronomy 6:4). And when we (the select apart) are to do so, to uphold and honor His Name, with such endearing and unrelenting praise, we free ourselves absolutely from any principality, deeply founded upon its own wickedness. From this, such forces of necromancy, whom endorse the fallacy of elusive doctrine and ideology, shall not sustain dominion over the Might of the Most High, whom solely vindicates that proper Authority! This is all done in loyalty with utmost respect for the Glory of our Almighty Creator – the One and Only True Elohim. Abba (אבא) please do not forsake us, but forgive us and deliver us from all worldly deceit. We, the Watchmen, are repentant to You, loyal, and obedient to Your All-Powerful Name – Yahuah (יהוה) is One!” ~Ayala Nunez, Executive Producer and Founder of R3TV MINISTRIES LLC

NOTE: Based in the high desert from amidst the uncontested beauty found within the Valley of Phoenix (Arizona), R3TV Ministries LLC is a podcast video network, an online fellowship, created to provide the Good News to the world – The Glory of Our Almighty Father! And as this online presence continues, through time-tested Testimony, to open the eyes of so many, whom have been lost to the ways of the world through the New Age and other ancient pagan influences, this faith-based ministry’s all-encompassing mission lies upon spreading indeed the Moral Code of Righteousness derived from the roots of the vine of original Mosaic Law (The Tanakh) – The True Living Word of the Most High, to all whom seek His Name. From within Providence, what the select “set apart” shall reveal, will (not only be the manipulative mind control of Ancient Babylonia which still infiltrates all walks of life on earth today), but there is still another Truth, which is meticulously ordained to the Remnant. This Revelation lies within it, the responsibility of the End Times Qodeshim (The Natsarim) to uphold, honor, protect, and to creatively minister original sacred “Hebraic” Text. And as the lamps of the Qodeshim are filled with the infinitesimal Light of the most high Aluah, may that same illumination be revealed to those whom seek the Truth, whilst desiring to continually walk, speak, breathe and to live… in Torah.

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