Yeah, the visuals are more like coming from the eyes of the Spirit and not the eyes of the flesh. Does that make sense? It’s like having your eyes open but your not seeing what’s physically in front of you, but rather you are seeing past the veil (instead) into another realm. It’s like zoning out or spacing out! But your cognitive space must be clear. And then you have to just focus upon the target with all of your being. You have to just surrender and don’t even try… then become that target. But always feel it out first. Don’t get too close, otherwise your target will know you are watching. Just do it far enough and as cloaked as much as possible. Then let the messages come in. IT IS STRONG FOR ME… when I am in the shower. But I have been noticing lately, that I can do it without the shower. The most important thing is that you must keep your cognitive space very clear and clean. Instead of watching things and in being too obsessed on YouTube, just listen to music. And that will clear your space entirely. Then, you are ready. Sometimes it comes in quickly and easily and other times, it takes a while like even a week. Once you get discovery, then you wait for confirmation through Synchronicity or whatever you feel is your gauge. For me, it’s confirmation in the form of Synchronicity, for others it’s different.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ayala Nunez is a Registered Nurse, specializing in Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Recovery, and is a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield). Ayala is also a conceptual quantum mechanic, a podcaster, author, an alternative thinker, controversial theorist, prolific writer and blogger, and a proponent for ancient archeology and parallel reality research. Additionally, Ayala is the host of many podcast radio talk shows, including Quantum Mindfulness Radio 2.0 and The Q-Anon Chronicles: Behind the Global Reset. Ayala Nunez is the Executive Producer and Founder of a prominent podcast radio network (created in 2015), called REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.O: The Number #1 Source for Motivational Author Interviews, Intuitive Blog, and Inspirational Podcast Radio On-Demand. Within the World of Awakening, Ayala is also known for writing his quite jarring, but well-researched “Red Pill Blog Article”, entitled NESARA AND THE GLOBAL RESET, which explains much of what had occurred behind-the-scenes in 2020, a truly unforgettable year of TRUTH, CLARITY, & REVELATION! After experiencing a year of unparalleled coincidences and such profound synchronicity, many will reflect to look back and ask upon that question in a Post-Apocalyptic World: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN 2020

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