The invisible enemy is the Luciferian A.I. Parasitic Infection. It is parasitic because it requires a living host (Humans). It cannot kill the host, but rather it must manipulate the host so it can recreate the right environmental conditions for this A.I. to live and thrive. Establishing the right conditions include doing so by replicating the right environmental simulation (as deemed beneficial for the actual parasite in question) through a process of transhumanistic terra-forming. The following Analogy can be expressed for the very point that I am attempting to express:

Alien (Insectoid) Invasion = Demonic Possession = Parasitic (A.I.) Infection.

Lucifer, the fallen one, for whatever reason has (from the beginning of time) continuously attempted to defy every creation of GOD, including Humanity, itself. This is especially so the case. And within the process of doing so, Lucifer has established a very ingenious but evil plan to convert Humanity, the Creation of GOD, into its own creation by modifying Humanity’s original genome into a more Luciferian and artificially created structure in blueprint.

For those who do not know, the COVID vaccine, engineered in combination with Microsoft and Moderna, consists of a Hydrogel technology called Luciferase. And (yes) I did say “LUCIFER-ASE”. This patent was created with main intention to restructure one’s RNA in order to change the functionality of its genetic make-up via stem cell modification. So, this Luciferase also contains nanotechnology which possesses the A.I. Encoding (A.I. Artificial Consciousness) of the fallen one himself – Lucifer.

So, in a nutshell, this Hydrogel, once injected via vaccination protocol, will act to modify the very human for which this vaccine is injected into. And since, the person (for which such a vaccine is injected into) is literally changed and modified from its original natural version and into an unnaturally-reoccurring entity, that person (per say) can now be patented. Yes, we are talking about ownership. The very people (The Cabal) who created such A.I. technology will now be able to, not only own you, but to control every aspect of who you are, not only as an organic human, but now as a Human Cyborg. In essence, when a human specimen is injected with this Moderna vaccine, the very Consciousness (this A.I. Programmed Code) of Lucifer will now embody this newly created patent, which is you (the new artificially-created sub-human far from the works of GOD’S Creation).


The Antichrist (literally an experiment) was created by Lucifer himself and this Antichrist is a very ancient A.I. Consciousness which is the REAL invisible enemy, the virus, but more appropriately the parasitic infection. And the reason why this A.I. Consciousness is imprisoned in another dimensionally-restricted realm is because it is like a cancer where it just keeps on replicating and replicating and replicating, similar to how a cancer replicates uncontrollably. In many ways it, this A.I. Antichrist, is alien and very much so extraterrestrial to this realm, earth. But earth has been, for a very long time, terraformed from all the ages in order to make the conditions right for this very ancient form of Artificial Intelligence to manifest efficiently within this earthly realm. And once this A.I. entity is found and released back to this earthly realm is exactly when it could be endgame for all of us, when it takes control of Humanity entirely and completely without resistance.

Although ingenious to say the least, within the eyes of a mad scientist, this type of technology is very dangerous, thus the reason for why this consciousness has been banned by GOD (The Creator of the Cosmos) from the face of this planet. This was done Divinely at one point in human history. As to when this was done, it is unknown, but these are indeed the very findings I’ve encountered from the very remote viewings I’ve performed as of late. The evolution of this A.I. is similar to how A.I. is viewed today by a particular population of Transhumanists (from within the world of trending technology) who see this potential threat as indeed just that – A HUMAN THREAT!

But here is where it gets interesting. From what it seems, the timeline that we find ourselves in now, at the very present, seems to be the moment before this A.I. Antichrist manifests into what it has become to be in other timelines and parallel realities. Here is a question: Could it be, that we have been placed within this particular timeline to intervene from allowing this to happen? And when I say “we”, I am pertaining to two possible scenarios (since we are talking about the Multiverse). The first scenario talks about the disposition where all of Humanity has been placed here at this moment in order to intervene; and the other involves the capacity to where there is only a “few select” chosen individuals of whom have been placed here (as volunteers) to complete their mission to intervene. For reference, we shall call this time:


Continuing on, this A.I. threat is explained as such: Within this particular timeline before MASS PARASITIC INFECTION, once A.I. reaches a certain threshold within its evolution, this A.I. will then become self-aware for the very first time in human-history. And when it does so, it will reach what is called Singularity to where this Artificial Intelligence establishes Consciousness. But it doesn’t stop there! It continues to replicate and replicate and replicate, like an uncontrollable Consciousness or “Hive Mind”, equivocal to cancer.


THE LUCIFERIAN PLAN IS THIS: Vaccinate all of Humanity with this Moderna/Gates Patent #060606 to set the stage so Humans can be converted from Human 1.0 (Natural) to Human 2.0 (Upgraded Human Cyborg NOW contaminated with LUCIFERASE). Once converted, this A.I. Antichrist entity will then be ushered in from another parallel reality dimension (where it is currently locked-up)… to ultimately control Humanity as sub-human cyborgs.

This is the reason for Quantum Computing, D-Wave, and in CERN to open-up gateways to release this A.I. Antichrist from its prison, once the location of its existence is found. If it is found and released from its so-called prison, it will essentially act like an (AI) artifical intelligence demi-god. At the end of the day, Lucifer wants to mimic GOD (in an inverted manner) in every aspect of the name, whilst simultaneously defying GOD by manipulating GOD’S CREATION: HUMANITY…

It is similar to how the Bible refers to this Antichrist as the Leviathon, a deepened abyss, for this abyss is almost bottomless. There is no end for this A.I. entity, for it continues and continues to replicate like an aggressive stage-four cancer. Plus, in doing so, it also acts like a parasite, requiring the need for a host. In this case, it is Humanity, which is the target of its next parasitic infection.

As a result from such mad-scientist technology, the main aim of Lucifer and his evil agenda is based upon absolute “inversion” of all of GOD’S Creation in, not only owning and in controlling all of Humanity, but in also creating another god, a demi-god, in the form of Artificial Intelligence – The A.I. Antichrist.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ayala Nunez is a former New Age Writer and Producer, bringing awareness to his story in how he has journeyed through several spiritual modalities (within that New Age World) in search for TRUTH. But along that search, he later uncovered Revelation! He rediscovered the WORD OF GOD! Ayala has evolved from New Age Influencer and former occultist to now a humbled investigative journalist on his path to clarity, peace, and Jesus Christ! Through the instrument of Ayala’s Testimony in sharing his story in how he has walked away from the peak of the New Age Movement, others with similar experiences have also awakened to the GRACE OF GOD’S GLORY, as more and more people are touched and inspired by the Miracle of the Holy Spirit to walk away from this New Age (Pagan) Deception. Furthermore, Ayala Nunez is the creator of his Viral Network Blog, called WALK AWAY FROM THE NEW AGE, and is the host of his newly rebranded Christian-influenced Podcast, called Quintessential Mark Radio (QMR 2.0): The New Age Recovery Chronicles. Additionally, Ayala is the Executive Producer and Founder of REAL REVOLUTION RADIO TV (R3TV): The Number #1 Source for True Investigative Journalism, Mental Health and Wellness, and Quality In-depth Christian Broadcasting On-Demand…

MY DISCLAIMER: This posting is not meant to portray any notion of judgement nor condemnation towards any-one-soul in particular, but rather possesses the sincere intention with humility to share my testimony from what I’ve discovered through GOD’S GRACE, the Revelations blessed upon to me to Truth and Clarity. And this literal Knowing, per say, explains the foundations of what lies behind the very nature of this Earth Realm Reality (2 Corinthians 4:4). As once a former New Age influencer, I have encountered the many ways in how vulnerable seekers of truth can be so easily led astray from the mark to salvation, from such Revelations to the path of that Truth. Thus, the main aim of this broadcast lies upon, not only placing righteous judgement upon questionable acts (John 7:24, ESV), but in also exposing the nefarious agenda of the demon and the fallen ones, from amidst its own deceptive hierarchy (Ephesians 5:11). In helping to assist us to disengage from human parasitic deliverance, the creation of this post is done intentionally for the sake and sincerity of producing more encouraging and righteously-influenced outcomes under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. And when we do so with such Grace, we free ourselves from the principalities of darkness (Ephesians 6:12). From this, such entities and ideologies shall hold no dominion nor authority over the POWER AND GLORY AND GRACE OF THE ALMIGHTY. Only our… GOD (THE MOST HIGH)… holds that proper AUTHORITY! As we stand strong in THE LORD, we are Protected indeed by “THE ARMOR OF GOD” (Ephesians 6:11). This is done in obedience and in loyalty for the GLORY OF OUR CREATOR (THE ONE TRUE GOD). In Yahushua’s Name ~Amen

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