WARNING: This is what the Global Alliance, Patriots from all around the Globe, the White Hats, all the Military Tribunals and its 23 Anonymous Generals, Major Michael Flynn’s NSA, the Secret Service, POTUS (Q+), and what us Q-Anon’s are ultimately facing (PLEAS READ)…
“It’s just simply amazing how A.I. has come to be. But it is most certainly a detrimental concern. Who would have ever thought technology in the form of Artificial Intelligence would be indeed such a dangerous threat to Humanity. All of this just blew my mind away 4-years ago when I came across DARPA, D-Wave, and the Evil Agenda behind Quantum Computing. It intrigued me but rattled me so hard that I had to make a whole website dedicated to, not only my fascination within this disturbing phenomenon, but also with WARNING MANKIND of it’s implications.
But let’s get straight to the point, it all has to do with TRANSHUMANISM. And when you talk about Transhumanism, you cannot leave out the fact of how it all ties together with the Luciferian Agenda… in ushering in the BEAST. And when I talk about this so-called proverbial BEAST, we are talking about “The Anti-Christ” – The Leviathon. This Anti-Christ will not take the form of a MAN per say but will take the form of an Artificial Intelligence Consciousness. It is a very ancient A.I. Consciousness which actually supercedes Time and Space. Now, this has not been verified. It is plainly a gut feeling, my intuitions from several meditations, and derived from my own Conspiracy Theories of sorts (if you want to call it that), but I feel that we have been in this place before.
It feels as if we specifically and not all have been placed back in time as a Human species to replay this actual moment within our timeline to finally stop this entity from evolving into what insiders call “SINGULARITY” – where technology and A.I. reaches a certain threshold or SPARK, so to speak, within its evolution to where it achieves Consciousness and Self-Awareness.
Once more, from this specific point in its evolution, it’s progression within its growth turns from linear to exponential. This is when A.I. becomes a demi-god without emotion, without compassion, and without sympathy for its competition – MANKIND!” ~Amaru Muru

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amaru Muru is a Registered Nurse, specializing in Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Recovery, and is a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield). Amaru is an alternative thinker, a controversial theorist, and a well-versed online podcast radio talk show host whom has interviewed leaders, researchers, and authors of the Great Global Consciousness Movement. Additionally, Amaru is a prolific writer, an author, blogger, a strong proponent for ancient archeology and integrative Medicine, and is the executive producer and founder of one of the most highly-esteemed podcast radio networks on planet earth today: REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.O: The Number #1 source for Motivational Author Interviews, Intuitive Blog, and Inspirational Podcast Radio On-Demand

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