Stargate’s and portals are opening up more and more frequently and humanity is waking up every day more than ever. We have entered the Age of Aquarius meaning the Divine feminine frequency is now being felt meaning a more compassionate world. Humanity is getting a genetic realignment.

The 5th dimension on Earth will be a Tribal Space-Age existence. Meaning, we will restore our land, clean our seas, redesign our cities and bring the mind-body spirit back online.

Our higher selves, spirit guides and the intergalactic community are watching this planet very close. There will be no nuclear weapons detonation because direct intervention had been cleared decades ago. The rest is up to us.

A rich and glorious planet like ours which is fertile, abundant and very rare. Most planets are inhabited inside instead of on the crust. There is more than enough for every single human being on this planet, greed is the core enemy of this planet and its people… erase greed and we erase poverty.

Trump is an Age of Aquarius catalyst, a necessary evil for this change. Hillary Clinton would of kept us in the old 3D Matrix illusion keeping everything business as usual.

Trump is the trump card, wild card and is uniting the world against the corrupt, fascist system he represents with all it’s inherent evils. Trump does not play their game, a catalyst for change must be disruptive.

Waking up needs a trigger and unplugging from this Matrix requires a radical stimulus. This change meaning the triggers causing this planetary chaos will ultimately pull each and everyone of you into Universal alignment.

The suffering and injustice that has been done to this planet and its inhabitants is astounding and to live with it is tough.

If you look back decades straight white males have been short changed, boxed in and punished and labeled as nonconformists and that is all a plan to break down the family structure.

The global elites also pushed feminism not to power the women but to get them out of the household, making way for the government to raise their children, indoctrinate them not to mention tax them. This has been happening to America for decades… you break down the family structure you get a chaotic population in total disarray with no clear direction meaning a population much easier to control.

This is all programming… The enforced disconnection of our mind, body and soul system. Pretty much everything that happens in our reality is planned, nothing is random in our world.

Wake Up America…

The Elites plan is to turn America into a third world country. Remember, a strong America is the only thing standing in the way of the New World Order. (Henry Kissinger) I think most of you can see this has already been happening.

When we mention the NWO (Agenda 21) we mean…one world government, one world religion (Luceferian), one world military (NATO) and one world currency 💴(complete control and total slavery).

Their plan is to pay every single person the same exact wage all over the world for that certain job. Why? So they can put you wherever they want to, put you anywhere in the world and the pay remains the same and you’ll have no say.

By taking away the diversity of cultures by open borders meaning…mix all populations by means of interbreeding and no one has an identity anymore. Take away our identities, culture etc. by erasing our pasts so “they” now can create a future for us. A species with no roots to their past are much easier to control. This has been done to us already via religious, societal and educational indoctrination now it’s time to detach us from our individual ancestry. The whole reason is for planetary control thru our consciousness.

When there are no borders, a one world Government can rule and control the masses much easier. So, you that are clapping because you all are in favor for no borders…you’re all being lied to… because really you’re just making it easier for your children’s future existence into total slavery happen much quicker.

We would be ruled under a total Luceferian government. And to all you religious hangin onto the savior theory…your worst nightmare will arrive. Many of us have been warning you that you have been completely lied to. The rhetoric the Church spews is a total hoax just to make you passive and not a threat to their agenda.

What this “Secret World Agenda” is telling you and what they are planning to do to you is a complete lie!

You are the only one that changes anything and everything in your existence. It’s all the individuals state of awareness. Awareness means knowledge, information and insight! This is a reason for the term sleepers…But, we can do this, we can change what timeline we create, it’s up to us …it’s literally a fight between the Light and the Dark.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: “Like many of my Facebook friends I’ve had several direct communications/contacts with ET’s and the ones I’ve had contact with are the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians I’ve met possess no faces and are completely telepathic… Pure Light Energy! They are “Pleiadian Light Beings” not the proverbial Pleiadian blonde/brunette , blue/green eyed physical beings. There is always 4 of them – one of them is my guide and I’ll keep his name to myself. The contact and communication started out them introducing themselves to me and continued into pretty much business. They are very protective, very advanced, and stern. This particular race are so highly advanced they cannot lower their vibration low enough to meet me in our third dimensional physical plane it’s too heavy, to dense. Soooo, I meet them in my sleep state, in their reality, a higher frequency, a higher dimension, a higher state of consciousness that I can only attain in my sleep state. I know they know who we are better then we do because we forgot when we came into this 3D plane. I have an implant in my left upper thigh that I believe they monitor my health with, give me downloads of information through this implant and track me. They know what an incredibly hard mission it is to incarnate on Earth cause of it’s denseness, heaviness, very low frequency. Many of you whether you know it or not have Pleiadian guides you just don’t know it yet. When disclosure comes the whole world will know who the Pleiadian race is – no doubt about it.” (Teri Wade)

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