“Our U.S. Constitution is what began the very foundations of what the Philosophy of America was originally desired to be. Unfortunately, it all became to be an uncontrollable and illusive SHAM – from the ‘get go’ – when we had immediately disrespected and denigrated, through genocide, the integrity of the Native American indigenous population. At that very moment in America’s disdainful and humiliating past, the Mantra of ‘The Land of the Free and in the Home of the Brave’ had become to be ALREADY such a distasteful ABOMINATION OF HUMAN INTEGRITY. Such acts of atrocity began then the very beginnings of the Karmic strands of woe. How disconcerting, thwarting, and manipulative can such a phrase be when essentially… it – THE LAND OF THE FREE – had all been built, founded, and demonstrated through DOUBLE TALK AND LIES. Truthfully, that is what the foundations of America have clearly subscribed to… through behavior. From what had been stated, intended, nor from what had been written ultimately means nothing to me, nor potentially to anyone else, when the behavior of America’s leaders and the reinforcers of such governance clearly possesses no value nor Gold-Bond Backing. Historically these are the facts. What we are currently witnessing in America today is furthered far from the intentions and acts demonstrated by our country’s forefathers through the malicious acts and in the demonstrative demonstration of EUROPEAN IMPERIALISM BY MEANS THROUGH RELIGIOUS JUSTIFICATION. It is of NO WONDER why our own country, representative delusively of so-called freedom, is the way that it is… when freedom is merely and considerably the diversion from TRUTH. When our country was built and rooted deep from the foundations of an already segregated degree of racism, greed, and of a Capitalistic mindset of things, it is of no wonder why we are observing right before our very own eyes the byproduct of a Military Industrial Complex, Corporatism, and in the Corrupt Offshore Banking Systems of our day.
Now, if one were to tell me, intelligently and whole-heartedly, that the intentions of our forefathers were based and founded upon building a corporation, where upon Earth, Human Life, and in the Human Ways of things was deemed expendable and in whereby money profits was considered the Golden Rule and priority, instead, well then things would considerably make a hell of a lot more sense to me.
Because Freedom and Bravery doesn’t immediately ring a bell with Consciousness, nor upon anyone awakened enough to be conscious, when America is spoken in such a way. From within this case, as it pertains to our times, in order to demonstrate the Truest Essence of what it means to being an AMERICAN… we must exemplify, encourage, and inspire a NEW DEFINITION OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE SO. But first, we must wash of our hands of what had been wrought by the blueprint architects of such an idealistic paradigm. Then and only then can we successfully create and legitimately manifest, not only that of a newer paradigm, but that of a New America.”
Joel Ayala Ayapana is a Veteran of the United States Air Force, a Registered Nurse Human Rights Activist, an avid writer, and the author of his memoir called THE BOOK OF POSITIVE LIGHT: REMEMBRANCE OF THE HEART. He is the Founder of AFG Evolutions Crypto-Consulting and the Host of his newly resurrected online podcast radio broadcast – Quantum Mindfulness Radio and the Great Awakening. Additionally, he is also a contributing writer and the Marketing Executive for Life Lessons Magazine and the Executive Producer and Founder of RealRevolutionRadio.com

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