A Prayer of Protection by Joel Ayala Ayapana

“For all of thy endearing Light Workers and Rainbow Warriors… walking away victorious from amidst the very mist of our Darkest of Nights… I bid upon the entirety of your focus and… endearingly so… I ask from you to place your spirited attention and intentions to the memory of our most deeply-felt and Heart-Felt of Callings – the reasons for your ‘return’ to the earthly plain. Focus upon all of your energies together in Spirit as ONE SINGLE AND INVITING FLAME OF TRUTH AND OF JUSTICE AND OF STRENGTH – OUR POSITIVE LIGHT. And as you do so… I call upon the very Presence of Archangel Michael to protect every single one of us of whom have been ‘Called’ (once more) in providing that service to Humanity within the Grace and Might of the Creator’s LIGHT. Dear Archangel Michael, I ask of Your Divine Guidance and of Your Protection to Shielding us from every entity that roots and delves and thrives from amongst the shadows derived from the most negative of darkened lower-frequencied energies. May we be embraced by the Creator’s Love at all times. May we be empowered and so-ever-more blessed by the Mystery and Grace of the Seven Rays. May we embody the Legitimacy and Purity of Your Resilience. May we be strengthened and inspired by Your Courage. May we be provided, furthermore, with the the All-Powerful and Shielding Mirror of Your Very Light… to where the very image of what anyone single soul or entity portrays upon our SHINE… shall be portrayed back (in return) upon to them in reflection – the very root of their derailing intentions… their denigrating resonace… the castigating frill of their very VIBRATION. As one shall exude and inflict demise upon our way, then also shall the same perpetrator inflict upon to themselves the blunt of their evil ways. And so, indeed, within the process, we are ultimately and infinitely protected within the spirited journey of our service, in contribution, to the Evolution and Transcendence of Humanity. In God’s Name. In Yeshua’s Name. AMEN.” (Joel Ayala Ayapana – Author of The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart)

Joel Ayala Ayapana is a Veteran of the United States Air Force, a Registered Nurse Human Rights Activist, an avid writer, and the author of his memoir called THE BOOK OF POSITIVE LIGHT: REMEMBRANCE OF THE HEART. He is the Founder of AFG Evolutions Crypto-Consulting and the Host of his newly resurrected online podcast radio broadcast – Quantum Mindfulness Radio and the Great Awakening. Additionally, he is also a contributing writer and the Marketing Executive for Life Lessons Magazine and the Executive Producer and Founder of RealRevolutionRadio.com

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