WE ARE NOT GODS by Joel Ayala Ayapana

GOD THE CREATOR (THE MOST HIGH)… is Omniscient… Omnipotent.. and Omnipresent. We are not. Humanity is not. We cannot manifest Universes into existent at the drop of a dime, nor upon request! Only… GOD THE MOST HIGH… can do that. GOD THE MOST HIGH (THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR)… is Self-existent and Eternal and exists outside of this A.I. Earth Matrix realm, whereas man is not Self-existent nor Eternal, and does indeed exist within this realm. Where the New Age falls short is when they focus too much into the creation and not the CREATOR. This is where the enemy (the fallen one) becomes advantageous within the inversion of things and in the lie. When New Agers state that Humans are gods, this only diminishes the GREATNESS OF THE ONE TRUE GOD. It’s Blasphemy… and it’s such a shame. It’s absolutely fallacy. This is how Heylel deceives the vulnerable who seek wisdom, truth, and reassurance.

OTHER READINGS: https://www.amazingfacts.org/news-and-features/news/item/id/10885/t/are-we-gods-

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joel Ayala Ayapana is a controversial theorist, former New Age writer, blogger, researcher, and Author of The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart. Furthermore, Joel is the host of many talk shows including Quantum Mindfulness Radio 2.0. He is the Executive Producer & Founder of REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.O: The Number #1 Source for Authentic Investigative Journalism, Mental Health and Wellness, and True (Non-Traditional) Christian Broadcasting On-Demand

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