“Ringing of the Ears… is essentially a side-effect of awakening and transitioning. But it is also a frequency that is attached to you. It’s almost like a line that connects you to Source as a beacon for all others to come to.
Now, this is separate from Tinnitus. These are two different things. This ‘ringing of the ears’ is not caused by trauma nor continuous exposure to loud sounds for over an extensive period of time. It is deeply related to the Evolution of Consciousness and Being.
Sometimes, action is none the required. Some of us are here to merely just be – TO BE. Others are here to be that beacon in combination with other acts. But others are merely just here to be – to be that wonderful Beacon of reassuring Light!
We have many roles. But that higher vibration in the form of that ‘Ringing of the Ears’ is literally like a Bridge to that other plain of Parallel Reality that is being created. Whether you know of this or not, we are in the midst of creating TWO EARTHS, one of lower vibration and the Other of Higher Vibration and Frequency. This Ringing of the Ears contains the same vibration of that Higher Vibratory Earth.
We as Light Workers must hold that frequency for that TRANSITION. We are the Way-Showers and the Bridge-Keepers to that ‘Higher Vibratory’ Paralleled-Reality

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amaru Muru is a Registered Nurse, specializing in Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Recovery, and is a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield). Amaru is an alternative thinker, a controversial theorist, and a well-versed online podcast radio talk show host whom has interviewed leaders, researchers, and authors of the Great Global Consciousness Movement. Additionally, Amaru is a prolific writer, an author, blogger, a strong proponent for ancient archeology and integrative Medicine, and is the executive producer and founder of one of the most highly-esteemed podcast radio networks on planet earth today: REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.O: The Number #1 source for Motivational Author Interviews, Intuitive Blog, and Inspirational Podcast Radio On-Demand

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